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1. Image denoising and enhancement based on adaptive wavelet thresholding and mathematical morphology

Author:Zhang, Yungang ; Zhang, Bailing ; Lu, Wenjin

Source:Proceedings - 2010 3rd International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, CISP 2010,2010,Vol.2

Abstract:Wavelet thresholding is an effective way of image denoising and enhancement. The most important issue in wavelet thresholding is how to find an optimal threshold. In this paper, an adaptive threshold selection technique is proposed and morphological operations to improve the denoised result are discussed. An image denoising and enhancement scheme based on the adaptive wavelet shrinkage and mathematical morphology is described. Compared with some existing denoising methods such as VisuShrinkage, BayesShrinkage, the experimental result shows the proposed method outperforms these techniques in terms of PSNR (Peak Signal to Noise Ratio) and MSE (Mean Square Error). ©2010 IEEE.
2. Layered RDF: An object-oriented approach to web information representation

Author:Vølstad,Torunn;Liu,Fei;Guan,Sheng Uei

Source:Web Intelligence and Agent Systems,2009,Vol.7

Abstract:Based on XML, RDF(S) has been recommended as the basic layer of the Semantic Web, providing a foundation for the higher layers of ontology, logic and trust. Although RDF(S) enables specification and identification of data and relationships between data, it has some limitations as a foundational language of the Semantic Web. Firstly, the unconstrained framework of the RDF Schema makes it hard to share information from different sources. Furthermore, RDF(S) has limited expres-siveness as a vocabulary description language, which is partly due to insufficient object-oriented features. Finally, the unclear semantics of RDF(S), caused by language constructs with dual roles, impede any approach to provide reasoning support for the language. To overcome some of the limitations, this paper presents Layered RDF, a web information representation language based on RDF(S). Layered RDF distinguishes schema information from instance information by having separated layers. Furthermore, Layered RDF provides more powerful schema mechanisms than does RDF Schema, by incorporating object-oriented features such as inheritance and polymorphism. © 2009 IOS Press and the authors. All rights reserved.
3. Distributed Data Transmission Architecture for Water Quality Monitoring System Based on 4G Network

Author:YU Ji-wen;JIA Lu;LI Qing;ZHU Xiao-hui

Source:Software Guide,2018,Vol.17

4. Research on River Network Modeling and Visualization Based on Android Platform

Author:JIA Lu;WANG Jie-hua;ZHU Xiao-hui;LIU Wan;YU Ji-wen

Source:Computer Knowledge and Technology,2018,Vol.14

5. Nearly Reversible Threshold Voltage Shifts with Low-Voltage Bias Stress in Solution-Processed In2O3 Thin-Film Transistors

Author:Song, Tao ; Zhao, Tianshi ; Fang, Yuxiao ; Zhao, Chun ; Zhao, Cezhou ; Lam, Sang

Source:2019 Electron Devices Technology and Manufacturing Conference, EDTM 2019,2019,Vol.

Abstract:N-channel thin-film transistors (TFTs) made of solution-processed In2O3 were fabricated and electrical tested for device reliability. While the TFTs give a threshold voltage Vth of 0.6 V for low-voltage operation, experimental results show that Vth shifts over time even when the gate biasing voltage is at 3 V. Vth can increase to about 2 V after about one hour. The change in Vth is nearly reversible if there is a long enough relaxation time. When the gate biasing voltage is -3 V, Vth changes from 0.6 V to -0.6 V and the Vth shift is less reversible. Such phenomena are expected to be due to the interface traps in the solution-processed In2O3. © 2019 IEEE.
6. Implied volatilities of S&P 100 index with applications to financial market


Source:Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics),2013,Vol.7861 LNCS

Abstract:This paper studies the implied volatilities of the S &P 100 from the prices of the American put options written on the same index. The computations are based on a recursive Binomial algorithm with prescribed error tolerance. The results show that the volatility smile exists, thus the classic Black-Scholes's approach of using a constant volatility for pricing options with different trading conditions is not plausible. The method discussed in this work contrasts the likelihood ratio method contained in [6]. Further studies with expanded data set are recommended for comparing the effectiveness of these two methods in forecasting stock market shocks. © 2013 Springer-Verlag.
7. Capacitance-voltage characteristics measured through pulse technique on high-k dielectric MOS devices

Author:Lu, QF;Qi, YF;Zhao, CZ;Zhao, C;Taylor, S;Chalker, PR


Abstract:Capacitance-voltage (CV) characteristics were investigated for MOS devices with ZrO2 and HfO2 high-k dielectrics using pulse technique and LCR meter. Opposite relative positions of the forward, and reverse traces were observed for the CV curves extracted from the two techniques. This unusual phenomenon was believed to be caused by the interface dipoles formed at high-k/SiOx interface, since it was difficult to be convincingly explained by trapping/de-trapping of charges. The effect of interface dipoles on CV characteristics was found to be sensitive to the voltage ramp rate. In addition, a hump in the inversion region for the forward trace in pulse technique was detected. This may be due to an additional current due to the PN junction formed between the substrate and inversion layer via the pulse technique process. (C) 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
8. Preface

Author:Guan,Sheng Uei;Gu,Huaxi

Source:2019 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Electronics and Communication Engineering, ICECE 2019,2019,Vol.

9. Bandwidth enhancement for Planar Inverted F Antenna

Author:Lim,Eng Gee;Wang,Zhao;Li,Xiang;Man,Ka Lok;Zhang,Nan;Wan,Kaiyu

Source:Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering,2014,Vol.237 LNEE

Abstract:Planar Inverted F Antenna (PIFA) is popular and widely used in handheld wireless devices because of several significant advantages. However, PIFA also has many shortages that become big limitations for its commercial application, such as narrow bandwidth. Therefore, it is a great challenge to design a PIFA with good performance. In this paper, a conventional PIFA working on GSM dual-band system (GSM 900: 900 MHz and GSM 1800: 1800 MHz) was investigated first. Then, by adding a stub on the feed line, the narrow bandwidth problem of this PIFA was well solved. By this method, no additional cost is needed, and also it is easy to manufacture. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2014.
10. Video-based Face Recognition By Auto-associative Elman Neural Network

Author:Zhang, BL;Zhou, JT


Abstract:While classical face recognition (FR) technologies are mainly based on static images, video-based FR is concerned with the matching of two image sets containing facial images captured from each video. Video based FR is supposed to be advantageous as it takes more abundant information in to account to improve accuracy and robustness. Though many methods have been proposed, there still exists a variety of challenges such as the variation in poses and occlusion. In this paper, we proposed a simple video-based face recognition system by proposing an Auto-Associative Elman Network (AAEN) for the comparison of facial image sequences from videos. AAEN is designed to reconstruct its inputs, while compressing the data to a lower-dimensionality in the hidden layer. In the recognition system, faces are first detected by applying the Viola-Jones algorithm and then tracked by exploiting Kalman filtering. We tested our method in two experimental settings, using a webcam for the simulation of video conferencing and a surveillance camera for indoor environments. Experiment results demonstrated that the proposed AAEN model can efficiently handle the temporal face sequences for the recognition task. The average recognition accuracies for the two experimental settings are 90.2%% and 86.4%% respectively.
11. Computational intelligence techniques for new product development

Author:Chan, KY;Yuen, KKF;Kwong, CK


12. Design of DC-DC Buck Converter with Integrated Over-current Protect ion based on Power AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMT Configuration

Author:Sun, RZ;Liang, YC;Yeo, YC;Wang, YH;Zhao, CZ


13. 基于循环卷积神经网络的轴承故障诊断


Source:第30届中国过程控制会议(CPCC 2019)摘要集,2019,Vol.

14. Modeling and LVRT Analysis of DFIG Wind Power System

Author:Wen, HQ;Cai, SJ


Abstract:This paper presents the modeling of the wind power system and low voltage ride through (LVRT) techniques for doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) wind energy system. Firstly the equivalent circuit and power transfer principle of DFIG arc reviewed. A simulation model of DFIG system has been constructed in PSCAD, where the gird-side double closed loop vector control strategy is used to maintain a constant DC bus voltage and compensate for reactive power at power grid, while the stator-flux-oriented vector control is adopted in rotor side converter to achieve maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for the DFIG wind turbine. LVRT techniques of DFIG are investigated and crowbar protection circuits were researched for this DFIG wind energy system.
15. Memristor-based Neuromorphic Implementations for Artificial Neural Networks

Author:Zhao, C;Zhou, GY;Zhao, CZ;Yang, L;Man, KL;Lim, EG


Abstract:Remarkable computing complexity and power is obtained by combining multiple neurons and synapses computational units into high integrated brain-like network system. In order to simulate the biological learning rules in artificial synapses, an artificial neural network (ANN) capable of performing complicated functions is constructed. A significant challenge is to design a circuit that maintains a simple neuron structure, occupies a small silicon area, and implement only one electronic device as an artificial synapse. However, in traditional electronics, the area of silicon occupied by synaptic circuits can vary significantly. As observed and demonstrated, memory resistors exhibit such characteristics, making them the most promising candidates in scalable neural networks. Findings of various memristor network structures that support artificial neural network classification or information storage functions are presented.
16. TADL - An architecture description language for trustworthy component-based systems


Source:Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics),2008,Vol.5292 LNCS

Abstract:Existing architecture description languages mainly support the specification of the structural elements of the system under design with either only a limited support or no support to specify non-functional requirements. In a component-based development of trustworthy systems, the trustworthiness properties must be specified at the architectural level. Analysis techniques should be available to verify the trustworthiness properties early at design time. Towards this goal we present in this paper a meta-architecture and TADL, a new architecture description language suited for describing the architecture of trustworthy component-based systems. The TADL is a uniform language for specifying the structural, functional, and nonfunctional requirements of component-based systems. It also provides a uniform source for analyzing the different trustworthiness properties. © 2008 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.
17. Accurate and Robust Text Detection: A Step-In for Text Retrieval in Natural Scene Images

Author:Yin, XC;Yin, XW;Huang, KZ;Hao, HW


Abstract:We propose and implement a robust text detection system, which is a prominent step-in for text retrieval in natural scene images or videos. Our system includes several key components: (1) A fast and effective pruning algorithm is designed to extract Maximally Stable Extremal Regions as character candidates using the strategy of minimizing regularized variations. (2) Character candidates are grouped into text candidates by the single-link clustering algorithm, where distance weights and threshold of clustering are learned automatically by a novel self-training distance metric learning algorithm. (3) The posterior probabilities of text candidates corresponding to non-text are estimated with an character classifier; text candidates with high probabilities are then eliminated and finally texts are identified with a text classifier. The proposed system is evaluated on the ICDAR 2011 Robust Reading Competition dataset and a publicly available multilingual dataset; the f measures are over 76%% and 74%% which are significantly better than the state-of-the-art performances of 71%% and 65%%, respectively.
18. Image database encoding using HYBRID video encoder

Author:Xiao, Jimin ; Tillo, Tammam ; Zhang, Xuan

Source:Proceedings - 4th International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, CISP 2011,2011,Vol.2

Abstract:How to compress a set of images in an efficient way is one of the most popular research topics. Currently, one of the most preferred standards for compressing still images is JPEG2000 which mainly utilizes Discrete Wavelet Transformation. The video compression standard AVC/H.264, however, can also be applied to compress a set of still images. It has been proved that H.264 Intra Mode has similar or even better compression performance than JPEG2000 in terms of PSNR. This paper proposes an innovative approach that mainly depends Inter Prediction Mode of H.264, to compress a set of still images. Considering different compression performances for different image sequences, this paper also proposes an algorithm to determine the optimal sequence of images that helps Inter Prediction Mode to gain better performance. Experimental results reveal that H.264 Inter Prediction Mode outperforms JPEG2000 in terms of PSNR. The gain of H.264 can be further enhanced when the sequence of images is rearranged according to the images sequencing algorithm proposed in this paper. © 2011 IEEE.
19. Visual tracking of partially observable targets with suboptimal filtering

Author:Xu, M;Ellis, T;Godsill, SJ;Jones, GA


Abstract:A comparative study of four suboptimal tracking algorithms that can cope with missing measurements of low-level visual features during partial occlusion is presented. An approach to identify missing measurements in two-dimensional object tracking is formulated. The comparison starts from a symbolic analysis in Kalman filtering and ends with a performance evaluation in Monte Carlo simulations in which the objects manoeuvre and undergo moderate size variations during occlusion. It is found that the algorithm for estimating unobservables from observables outperforms the others in terms of mean square error, robustness and readiness for implementation.
20. Model Checking Indoor Positioning System With Triangulation Positioning Technology

Author:Yuan, DP;Ning, MZ;Xu, RG;Zhou, SM;Shi, WT;Zheng, K;Huang, X


Abstract:Reliability of two indoor positioning system (IPS) frameworks is studied in this paper. The experimental results show that TPT (Triangulation Positioning Technology) will make an inevitable influence to the system reliability due to the number restriction of the positioning antenna; positioning processors could also affect the system reliability as a result of the connection method of the antenna. Finally, the last conclusion could be extracted from the connection method between the positioning antennas and positioning processors, experiment shows that separate connection (one antenna to one processor) is much more stable than multiple connection (several antennas to one processor).
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