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1. Exploring a curriculum app and a social communication app for EFL learning

Author:Zou, B;Li, H;Li, JY


Abstract:Mobile apps are broadly used by students in and after class to improve their language skills. This study aimed to investigate how a curriculum app and a social communication app can be integrated into English language teaching and learning and what sorts of tasks can be employed to enhance learners' EFL learning. A curriculum app was created by the researchers and integrated into English teaching and learning in and out of class. Meanwhile, a social communication app used on mobile phones was also established for communication between students and the teacher. Questionnaires and interviews were conducted so as to explore students' perceptions of these apps. The findings indicated that mobile learning can be adapted in EFL lessons and learners' self-study. The apps providing sources connected to lessons and opportunities for communication offered additional support to students to practice English in and after class. Participants provided positive comments on the two apps for mobile learning.
2. Implications of Sino-Japanese Rivalry in High-Speed Railways for Southeast Asia

Author:Pavlicevic, D;Kratz, A

Source:EAST ASIAN POLICY,2017,Vol.9

Abstract:China and Japan are intensively vying for high-speed rail markets in Southeast Asia. Focusing on the developments surrounding the bid for Indonesia's first high-speed rail project from Jakarta to Bandung, this paper investigates Japan and China's relative strategies, and considers the policy options available to ASEAN to manage the risks rooted in Sino-Japanese competition in the sector.
4. Post-Structural Theories and Chinese Feminist Criticism: On the Theorization of Women’s \"Subjectivity\" in the Cultural Studies of Socialist China


Source:Theoretical Studies in Literature and Art,2021,Vol.41

Abstract:Centering on the conceptualization of "subjectivity," ths article first traces the post-structural theories' impact on as well as their compex relationshp with Western feminsm. It then expores the development of the theorization of " womens subjectivity" n academic research on Chnese women and gender dscourses in socialist Chna from the 1980s. By examinng the appication of three influential theorists, Lous Althuser, Michel Foucault, and Judth Butler, n the Chnese context, ths article ntends to show the compex genealogy of "appropriating" post-structural theories for dfferent agendas of contemporary Chnese feminst criticism. Some scholars ntegrated post-structural deas nto iberal-humanst dscourses; some employed post-structuralist feminism to de-essentialize and hstoricize the analysis of "subjectivity" and "agency" of socialist Chnese women; some questioned the effectiveness of post-structural theories n studying the Chnese socialist culture from the perspective of hstorical materialism. Different research paradgms of theorizing " female subjectivity" have proven to be influenced and nformed by the changing deologies and social dscourses in Chna since the 1980s.
5. Building infrastructure and making boundaries in Southwest China


Source:It Happens among People: Resonances and Extensions of the Work of Fredrik Barth,2019,Vol.

6. Wordsworth's Revisitings

Author:Duggett, T


7. EAP and Occupations

Author:Bin, Z;Cheng, C;Hsu, WC

Source:JOURNAL OF ASIA TEFL,2017,Vol.14

8. The Making of the Chinese Middle Class: Small Comfort and Great Expectations

Author:Goodman, DSG

Source:CHINA QUARTERLY,2017,Vol.231

9. Assessing the Balance of Power in Central-Local Relations in China

Author:Goodman, DSG


10. 词汇终身学习的学术审视


Source:Secondary School Teaching of Jiangsu Education,2020,Vol.

11. Principle-guided Policy Experimentation in China: From Rural Tax and Fee Reform to Hu and Wen's Abolition of Agricultural Tax

Author:Wang, GH

Source:CHINA QUARTERLY,2019,Vol.237

Abstract:The abolition of Agricultural Tax in 2005 was a major policy of the early Hu-Wen administration. But how and why did it happen? Drawing on abundant media reports, archive documents and internal speeches by key policymakers, as well as on the author's interviews, this article argues that this reform was pushed through (the "how") by "principle-guided policy experimentation" with origins in the period of Jiang Zemin's leadership. Not only does this show policy continuities from the Jiang-Zhu era into the Hu-Wen period, it also reveals a different process of policy experimentation from that identified by Sebastian Heilmann in the economic policy arena. Under principle-guided policy experimentation, Chinese central decision makers first reached consensus on the principle of the Rural Tax and Fee Reform (RTFR) drawing on policy learning from prior bottom-up local experimentation, and then formulated and implemented an experimental programme from the top-down, funding it in order to encourage local governments to participate. The evidence suggests that international, political (rural instability), economic and fiscal considerations came to explain leaders' decisions (the "why") on tax reform as much as their individual preferences.
12. Thailand's Public Secret: Military Wealth and the State

Author:Pathmanand, U;Connors, MK


Abstract:After the military coup of 2014, 143 serving and retired generals of the Royal Armed Thai Forces submitted asset declarations to the National Anti-Corruption Commission on being appointed to the military junta's National Legislative Assembly. By analysing these declarations, this article demonstrates that a cohort of wealthy generals has emerged, which leads to the article's central concern: how is it that despite the political reform project of the 1990s, military leaders were able to evade scrutiny and become wealthy? It is argued that behind the lack of scrutiny of the military's wealth accumulation was a structure of fear that severely undermined the capacity to enforce regulations and which enabled the military to evade the constitutional forms of scrutiny elaborated in the 1997 Constitution. That structure of fear emerged in a context of an elusive political settlement when the apparatuses of the state were occupied by competing regime framers, leading to a re-assertion of military power.
13. Exploring the relationship between multilingualism and tolerance of ambiguity: A survey study from an EFL context

Author:Wei, RN;Hu, YH


Abstract:The relationship between multilingualism and tolerance of ambiguity (TA) has been examined in recent studies (e.g., Dewaele & Li, 2013; van Compernolle, 2016), which focus upon multilinguals with mixed nationalities in non-EFL contexts. Most of these studies regrettably reflect a failure to use effect sizes or provide information on the reliability and validity of the instruments used. The present study explored the relationship between multilingualism and TA by focusing upon 260 English-using multilinguals of one single nationality in an EFL context. Factor analysis revealed a three-factor solution, rather than a four-factor solution of the original TA scale, suggesting a need to re-examine the validity of such instruments when used outside of their native contexts. The results identified multilingualism, number of languages known and gender as important predictors for TA. Given the relative nature of effect-size benchmarks, a topic-specific effect-size benchmark system is proposed to (re-)interpret the present and previous findings.
14. #RespectLisa, stop racism: intersectional discrimination in global K-pop

Author:Zhao, JJ


Abstract:This commentary interprets the acerbic and defamatory commentary around the most recent trending of #RespectLisa in February 2021 within the theoretical framework of "intersectionality." Drawn on intersectional feminist media, K-pop, and antifan studies, the commentary reveals the complexities of the hostility targeting the female Thai K-pop celebrity Lisa and considers the hateful discourse a manifestation of intersectional discrimination in global K-pop culture.
15. 中英两国中小学教育对学生个人创造能力培养的探讨


Source:jiaoyu jiaoxue luntan,2014,Vol.

16. Self-Caging or Playing With the Edge? News Selection Autonomy in Authoritarian China

Author:Kuang, XW

Source:SAGE OPEN,2020,Vol.10

Abstract:This article studies how the political affiliation and administrative rank of news organizations in a nondemocratic setting affect news selection autonomy. While existing studies have found that further commercialization contributes to more news selection autonomy, the extent to which political affiliation and administrative rank of news media explain autonomy remains unknown. Eight Chinese news organizations of varying political affiliations and administrative ranks were thus selected to compare their news and frame selection strategies. The findings reveal that political affiliation largely explains news selection autonomy: Party-affiliated outlets generally have lower news selection autonomy than nonparty outlets. Administrative rank has some effect on news selection autonomy in the highly competitive media markets, where news organizations with a lower administrative ranking must play more with propaganda control to compete with their higher ranking counterparts.
17. Wordsworth's Poetic Theory: Knowledge, Language, Experience

Author:Duggett, T


18. Framing international news in China: An analysis of trans-edited news in Chinese newspapers

Author:Kuang, XW;Wang, H


Abstract:This research explores the variations between Chinese party and non-party newspapers in the framing of trans-edited international news. Existing studies on the framing of Chinese domestic news show that the variations depend on the sensitivity of news, which invokes government control. However, it is not clear how strictly the government would control international news and whether party and non-party news organizations would show similarities or variations in the framing of it. To address these issues, we conducted a comparative quantitative content analysis of 806 pieces of trans-edited international news from one party newspaper and one non-party newspaper. The findings show that the party and non-party newspapers show similarity on the use of three frames but small variations on the other four. This implies a strong control of the Chinese government on the reporting of international news. By comparison, the government control has stronger effects on the party newspaper than on its non-party counterpart.
19. New Economic Elites: Family Histories and Social Change

Author:David S G Goodman

Source:Journal of the Northwest Normal University(Social,2016,Vol.53

20. Identity Constructions in Bilingual Advertising: A Critical-cognitive Approach

Author:Li, SQ


Abstract:Does English always play an important role in constructing identities within the multimodal ad? This question has wide-ranging implications for the study of identity constructions in bilingual advertising in particular, and for bilingualism and multilingualism generally. This article presents a critical-cognitive approach that is an evidence-based account of whether, and to what extent, English plays a role in identity constructions and their connection to the local politics of English. This approach is analytically powerful and productive not only in capturing the varying degrees of the contribution of the English language and its role but also in unraveling the ideological dimensions of identity and the English language. Examples of Chinese-English bilingual ads that are representative of the structural features of English mixing are used for the illustrative analysis. The article concludes with a suggestion of the wider applicability of this approach to other bilingual or multilingual contexts that are currently regarded as suitable for study.
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