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1. Practice and Exploration of Discovery Tool Embedded in Learning Management System

Author:Wang Jun;Yang Liping;Bi Xin


Abstract:This paper introduces roles of academic libraries in learning management system, and takes Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Library as an example to illustrate the practice of discovery tool embedded in learning management system. By analyzing the concrete forms and operating mechanism of library resources and services embedded in the user learning environment, this paper reveals the opportunities and challenges faced by the library in the exploration process.
2. Influential factors of College Students' Team learning



Abstract:  This research explores the potential influences of 4 variables on team learning in college students' team activities.The 4 variables are team motivation, team trust, team conflict and team leadership.73 college student teams have been selected as subjects and received questionnaires by each member of all the teams.Results of unitary linear regression show that team motivation, team trust, team leadership are positive predictors of team learning respectively, team conflict have negative relationship with team learning.When putting 4 variables into regression equation simultaneously, team leadership, interpersonal relationship orientated motivation are positive predictors of team learning, regression coefficient of the rest variables are insignificant.The results imply that the unique team role and performance demands of college students' teams may endow team trust and team conflict with interpersonal meaning.
3. 从教师到教育家——西浦教师培训和发展之路



4. Social capital and the diffusion of learning management systems: a case study


Source:Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship,2020,Vol.9

Abstract:© 2020, The Author(s). The diffusion and adoption process of a learning management system (LMS) at higher education institutes faces several obstacles; some of which are unique to contexts while others are shared experiences. This diffusion case study compares the adoption process of the LMS Blackboard at two universities, Texas A&M University and Monash University in Australia, investigating the factors which impacted the adoption of the innovation at each context as well as the extent to which social capital influenced the diffusion process. The study specifically examined the different adopters involved, the objections raised, the barriers encountered, and the significant factors either resulting in the success or the failure of the innovation, employing a social capital-infused theoretical framework of diffusion within organizations outlined by Frank, Zhao, and Borman (Sociol Educ 77:148–171, 2004). Primary and secondary data were analyzed and examined from three peer-reviewed, empirical articles for comparison within the study. Findings highlighted strong alignment with Rogers’ (Diffusion of innovations, 2003) diffusion of innovations theory as well as the importance of social capital maintained by Frank and colleagues (Sociol Educ 77:148–171, 2004). Though describing different adoption processes and factors, each context supported the universal idea behind diffusion theory that members of a social system communicate an innovation through social channels over time and that innovators and early adopters play a vital role in this process (Rogers, Diffusion of innovations, 2003). As higher education institutes advance further into the twenty-first century and adopt more innovations within their learning frameworks and systems, this diffusion case study stresses the importance of understanding diffusion theory, having an in-depth knowledge of the stakeholders involved in the adoption process, and creating and implementing a meticulous diffusion plan to ensure a successful diffusion and adoption process.
5. The Difference in Problem Solving Strategy and Internet Use Frequency: A Modified STROOP Task Approach under the Extended Cognition Perspective


Source:Advances in Psychology,2016,Vol.

Abstract:Internet is influencing the way to form cognition strategy of people due to its mass information and the convenience to use search engine; also it is playing a role as external transactive memory in the cognition system. The aim of this study is to differentiate the strategies based on internal memory and external transactive memory when people are facing problems in different difficulty levels, by using a Modified Stroop Task under the Extended Cognition prospective. Two groups of college students with high and low Internet use frequency participated in the experiments. They answered 2 groups of questions among which one group was easy to answer while the other one was rather hard. After answering each group of questions, the participants completed the modified Stroop task. The results show that when facing easy questions, all participants would use their internal knowledge to answer; when being asked to answer difficult questions, the participants who use the Internet frequently will be primed to think about computer related tools, while the participants who use the Internet on a low frequency will still be keen to turn to tutors and books for help. The finding of this study has also contributed experimental evidence to Extended Cognition.
6. Visualization Analysis of Current Research Status and Development Trend of Mobile Reading in China

Author:Xu Fang;He Yajuan;Yang Liping

Source:New Century Library,2019,Vol.

Abstract:论文使用Cite SpaceⅤ软件,对CNKI期刊数据库中收录的与移动阅读相关的719篇文献进行可视化分析。结果显示,近5年移动阅读的研究热点主要分布在移动阅读用户、图书馆移动阅读服务、移动阅读模式、移动阅读App四个方面,而在移动阅读的内容、应用评价、版权、隐私保护、用户付费、市场发展等方面研究不足。移动阅读发展呈现出阅读内容优质化、阅读形式多样化等五大趋势。
7. Bibliometric Analysis of the Academic Output of Sino-Foreign Joint Venture Universities

Author:Yang Liping;Jiang Xin;Bi Xin

Source:New Century Library,2014,Vol.

Abstract:Adopting the method of bibliometric analysis, this paper comprehensively examines the profile of three Sino- Foreign joint venture universities (namely, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China and United International College) from 2006 to 2013 in terms of publication output. The assessments of the publication output of Nanjing University and Soochow University were provided as reference. It comprehensively presents the sino-foreign university's scientific research development trend and the research situation.
8. Blood is Thicker than Water:Implicit Kin Cooperative Preference of College Students

Author:Deng Yongguang;Bi Xin;Yang Zhiqin;Lu Li;Wu Tiejun

Source:Psychological Research,2017,Vol.10

Abstract:Cooperative preference is a stable tendency that individuals tend to choose groups with certain characteristics to cooperate. The study selected 26 full-time college students as participants, examined the implicit association between "kin/non-kin" and "cooperation/non-cooperation" by IAT. The results showed that the association between "kin" and "cooperation" was stronger than "non-kin" and "cooperation". There were no significant gender difference,grade difference and specialty difference in IAT effect. IAT effect of active students in clubs was weaker than that of passive students in clubs. College students showed significant implicit cooperative preference; Cooperative experience with non-kinship partner reduced implicit kin cooperative preference.
9. Implementing LibAnswers to Create One-stop Virtual Reference Service

Author:YANG Liping;JIANG Xin;BI Xin

Source:Library Tribune,2018,Vol.38

10. Quality open access publishing and registration to Directory of Open Access Journals

Author:Bi, X

Source:SCIENCE EDITING,2017,Vol.4

Abstract:With the fast development of open access publishing worldwide, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) as a community-curated online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals, has been recognized for its high criteria in facilitating high quality open access scholarly publishing and used as the portal for accessing quality open access journals. While the numbers of journal application to be inclusion in DOAJ in Asia are kept increasing dramatically, many editors of these journals are not very clear about the idea or concept of the open access which have been embedded in the application form containing 58 questions falling into several different criteria categories. The very commonly seen misunderstanding of the required item, inaccurate or vague or incomplete and even missing information, poorly organized website, non-transparent process of publishing, especially no open access statement and copyright statement, or conflicts between the policy statements would cause much more communication between the reviewer and the editor and delay the completion of the review. This article gives an in depth introduction to DOAJ criteria and detailed introduction to the general process on how to register to DOAJ, suggestions based on application review also is given for journal editors to better prepare for this application. And it is the most important for editors to keep in mind that to be indexed by DOAJ is not just about filling a form, it is about truly change and adapt to best practices in open access publishing.
11. 创意与实用并重的图书馆新生入馆教育



12. On the Library Paradigm Evolution and Business Process Reorganization in the Era of Internet Plus


Source:Library Science Research & Work,2017,Vol.

13. Study on the Progress of Domestic Competitive Intelligence in Recent Ten Years

Author:Xu Fang;Jin Xiaopu

Source:New Century Library,2014,Vol.

Abstract:This paper discusses the conception of Cl from the perspective of associations, scholars, and the difference between CI and intelligence research, commerce spy, and counter-intelligence; concludes more than ten research fields and some sub-fields of domestic CI; reveals the problems in the practice of research; puts forwards some relative countermeasures.
14. 云阅读的现状综述



15. The Difference in Problem Solving Strategy and Internet Use Frequency: A Modified Stroop Task Approach under the Extended Cognition Perspective



16. Entrepreneurial Intention among Vocational College Students and its Relationship with Big Five Traits

Author:Shu, DM;Wu, HZ;Feng, CZ;Jiang, YZ


17. Information Literacy Education for EFL University Students Based on Language Theories:Case Study of Xi' an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Author:Wei Xiaoying;Jiang Xin;Yang Liping

Source:Information Research,2020,Vol.

18. Literature Review on Digital Protection of Cultural Heritage Based on Linked Data

Author:Xu Fang;Jin Xiaopu

Source:Journal of the National Library of China,2020,Vol.29

19. Exploring Users' Information Behavior in Discovery Service:Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Library Case Study

Author:YANG Li-ping;WANG Jun;WEI Xiao-ying

Source:The Journal of the Library Science in Jiangxi,2019,Vol.49

Abstract:This paper is to explore discovery service users' information behavior by employing web analytics and big data approach.Taking Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University as an example, massive data on how users access to discovery service and interact with the system have been captured in order to objectively generate multi-dimensional information and identify users' general characteristics of information behavior.The finding reveals user information preferences which can be provided references for library resource integration and discovery tool optimization.
20. 数据仓库在各领域中的应用


Source:China Newspaper Industry,2013,Vol.

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