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1. Design studio through the subtle revelations of phenomenology

Author:Smith, Ross T.

Source:The Interior Architecture Theory Reader,2018,Vol.

Abstract:Architecture does not stand in isolation from its surroundings or humanity; its integration of interiority makes it valuable to our existential circumstance. In the words of Eugen Fink, phenomenology is “wonder in the face of the world.” 1 It is an attitude of subtle revelation, of sensing by doing which permeates all aspects of working toward and through design. A motivation for exploring this philosophy in teaching design studio is to combine these two synergistic and seemingly complementary modes of engagement - the “integration” of interior architecture with the “being” of phenomenology. This makes phenomenology not simply a methodology, but an approach to being of the world. © 2018 selection and editorial matter, Gregory Marinic; individual chapters, the contributors.
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