Rui Lin
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1. On the modulation and signalling design for a transform domain communication system

Author:Lin, R;Bi, GA;Liu, X;Guan, YL


Abstract:Transform domain communication system (TDCS) has been proposed to establish a communication link with a low probability of interception by synthesising an adaptive waveform containing energy only in the unused frequency bands. However, this communication system suffers from a low spectral efficiency. To improve its spectral efficiency, a unified modulation framework for a TDCS is proposed in this study to embrace the previously reported modulation schemes under one framework. The resulting spectral efficiency is higher compared to these previous schemes. Also, to combat the slow channel fading, a TDCS system using two transmit antennas and one receive antenna with the proposed modulation scheme is presented. Simulation results show that the multiple-antenna system improves the performance dramatically compared to the single antenna system under the slow fading environment.
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