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1.Special issue on computational intelligence for social media data mining and knowledge discovery

Author:Li, Y;Shyamasundar, RK;Wang, XH


2.Key management and key distribution for secure group communication in mobile and cloud network

Author:Vijayakumar, P;Chang, V;Deborah, LJ;Kshatriya, BSR


Abstract:With the computing systems becoming more and more pervasive and ubiquitous due to the invention of cloud computing and mobile phone based applications, secure data transmission is the pressing need for a real time perspective of the technologies. Examples of the need for secure key management and distribution environments include secure transmission of health related SMS, telecare medicine provisioning for critical applications such as heart disorders, secure agriculture monitoring, data transmission in surveillance scenarios, secure military networks, etc. In the context of key exchange for secure group communication, the computational complexities need to be addressed in particular due to the advent of resource constrained mobile phones, sensors and other embedded devices. This special issue introduces some of the novel approaches for enabling secure group communication in the contexts related to cloud and mobile computing. (C) 2018 Published by Elsevier B.V.

3.Dopamine Surface Modification of Trititanate Nanotubes: Proposed In-Situ Structure Models.

Author:Liu, Ruochen; Fu, Xuejian; Wang, Congyi; Dawson, Graham

Source:Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany),2016,Vol.22

Abstract:Two models for self-assembled dopamine on the surface of trititanate nanotubes are proposed: individual monomer units linked by π-π stacking of the aromatic regions and mono-attached units interacting through hydrogen bonds. This was investigated with solid state NMR spectroscopy studies and powder X-ray diffraction.

4.A history of design institutes in China: from Mao to market

Author:Han, JW


5.Less is Enough

Author:Williams, A


6.Review and Discussion on the Application of He Xie Management Theory


Source:Management World,2020,Vol.36


7.Big data analytics for sustainability

Author:Lv, ZH;Iqbal, R;Chang, V


Abstract:Sustainability is a paradigm for thinking about the future in which environmental, societal and economic considerations are equitable in the pursuit of an improved lifestyle. Most of the economies are developing with breakneck velocities and are becoming epicenters of unsustainable global growth. Immense utilization of natural resources, waste generation and ecological irresponsibility are the reasons for such a dire situation. Big data analytics is clearly on a penetrative path across all arenas that rely on technology. (C) 2018 Published by Elsevier B.V.

8.Editorial for the special issue on modern aspects of financial engineering

Author:Goncu, A


10.Clinical features and outcomes of adult COVID-19 patients co-infected with Mycoplasma pneumoniae

Author:Zha, L;Shen, J;Tefsen, B;Wang, YJ;Lu, WH;Xu, QC


11.Investigation of outdoor air pollutant, PM2.5 affecting the indoor air quality in a high-rise building

Author:Fu, ND;Kim, MK;Chen, B;Sharples, S


Abstract:This study investigated the impact of outdoor air pollutants on indoor air quality in a high-rise building, considering factors related to the seasons and air infiltration. Further, the impact of atmospheric weather conditions on air infiltration has been analysed in a downtown area of Suzhou, China. The influence of the outdoor air pollution rate on indoor air quality in the office building was investigated based on on-site measurements and computer simulations. Results showed that the impact of outdoor air pollutants on indoor air quality was highest in winter, followed by spring, autumn and summer. Furthermore, multiple factors, which affect the indoor air quality in a high-rise building, have been further investigated in this study, including stack effect, wind effect, infiltration rate, outdoor air pollution rate, seasonal change and air filter efficiency. The significant influence of these factors on the indoor air quality level with floor height variations has been verified. Based on the analysis, a high-efficiency filter is recommended to maintain healthy indoor air quality. Meanwhile, a double-filter system is required if a building is exposed to heavily polluted outdoor air considering the most substantial impact of outdoor air pollutants on indoor air quality in winter. Moreover, a numerical model of steady-state indoor PM2.5 concentration was established to determine the suitable air filter efficiency and airtightness.

12.One-class kernel subspace ensemble for medical image classification (vol 2014, 17, 2014)

Author:Zhang, YG;Zhang, BL;Coenen, F;Xiao, JM;Lu, WJ


13.Tethering tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinase (TIMP) to the cell surface for enhanced activity against cervical cancer cell (HeLa) progression

Author:Lee, MH;Jiang, BJ;Tsigkou, A


14.Neutralizing and non-neutralizing antibody responses in HIV-1 subtype C chronically infected patients with divergent rates of disease progression

Author:Archary, D;Rong, R;Gordon, ML;Boliar, S;Gray, ES;Dugast, A;Hermanus, T;Goulder, PJ;Coovadia, HM;Morris, L;Alter, G;Derdeyn, CA;Ndung'u, T


15.Eco-City Comparison: West versus East


Source:Sustainability (United States),2018,Vol.11

Abstract:Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city (SSTEC) in northeast China is described by Zhan and de Jong as "the best-known" of all eco-cities. As a newly created urban area, it was constructed with the intention to create a model city of, inter alia, ecologically benign technology, public transport, fresh air, and minimal carbon emissions. SSTEC is reputed to be "the first experiment to plan, build (sic) a new city in an ecological way." This article examines the nature of Tianjin's claims to eco-city status and compares and contrasts some of its key performance indicator [KPI] goals and achievements. As a control, an outline of KPIs from Tianjin Eco-city are set against the environmental and sustainable criteria derived from London, chosen given the brevity of this article. This article is not an international comparison of Eco-city Frameworks between two eco-cities; rather, it is a comparative assessment between a large, historic, non-eco-prefixed city and one of the most high-profile, new Chinese eco-cities in the world. These cities are not comparable in scale, history, culture, industry or sociopolitical structure-that is one reason for their choice. This article does not consider whether one or the other city is better or more or less compliant, but is an attempt to understand whether the "eco" label itself has merit. If benchmarks for the urban environmental performance of a city are site specific, then are they meaningful benchmarks? If non-eco-cities comply with eco-criteria, then what does the prefix tell us? The intention is to begin a process that leads to better understanding of the eco-city phenomenon and to inquire as to whether referencing eco-city labels can provide a useful interpretative mechanism for urban strategic planning. 1 2 3

16.IEEE Access Special Section: Emerging Technologies for Energy Internet

Author:Wen, HQ;Liang, YC;Mitrovic, IZ;Li, DP;Tayahi, M;Lu, F;Ye, XM

Source:IEEE ACCESS,2020,Vol.8

Abstract:Renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic (PV), wind, tidal, and ocean waves have increasingly penetrated the global production of energy. Energy Internet has been widely regarded as one of the promising solutions for the serious energy crisis and environmental pollution problem. Unlike the conventional centralized power generation structure, energy Internet widely utilizes different types of distributed generations (DGs), which are located closer to the user and generate electric power within distributed networks. Modular energy storage devices (ESDs) such as batteries for electric vehicles can effectively complement the function of DGs through bidirectional plug-and-play power interfaces. Thus, energy Internet has the ability to minimize power loss, enhance power quality, and improve system reliability.

17.Wordsworth's Revisitings

Author:Duggett, T


18.The Making of the Chinese Middle Class: Small Comfort and Great Expectations

Author:Goodman, DSG

Source:CHINA QUARTERLY,2017,Vol.231



Source:ACM International Conference Proceeding Series,2020,Vol.

20.P2X7 receptor regulates CSD and CSD-induced TNF-alpha induction

Author:Ma, DQ;Bu, F;Jiang, LW;Quinn, JP;Wang, MY


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