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1.Cascode GaN Power Device and Its Application in Wireless Power Transmission System

Author:Qian Hongtu;Zhu Yongsheng;Deng Guangmin;Liu Wen;Chen Dunjun;Pei Yi

Source:Journal of Power Supply,2019,Vol.17

Abstract:To achieve a higher power conversion efficiency, a cascode structure based on 650 V gallium nitride high electron mobility transistor(GaN HEMT) was introduced, together with its applications in wireless power transmission. From the aspect of GaN HEMT design, the effects of field plate design on capacitance and electric field were discussed through simulations. The fabricated cascode device had a leakage current of 2 muA at drain-source voltage of 650 V. At 400 V, the input capacitance C_(iss), the output capacitance C_(oss) and the reverse transfer capacitance Crss were 1 500 pF, 32 pF and 12 pF, respectively, and the dynamic on-resistance increased by about 16%%. Based on the design of this cascode device, a wireless charging prototype with operation frequency of 240~320 kHz and full-load power of 1 kW was designed and presented. Compared with the equivalent Si device, its efficiency was obviously higher within the load range of 200~1 000 W, with the peak efficiency higher than 95%%.

2.A Method for Rapid Measurement of Intracellular Lipid Accumulation

Author:Xiong Yiwei;Zhang Junlong;Yang Tian;Zhang Bailing;Jiang Lin


Abstract:Objective: To propose a fast and reliable method for the determination of intracellular lipid accumulation. Method: Lipid accumulation in HepG2 cells were induced by oleic acid. Lipid droplets were stained with BODIPY 493/503 and measured with fluorescent image processing using Matlab or ImageJ. The images results were compared to those of Adipophilin,a widely served marker for lipid accumulation,which were determined from protein and mRNA levels by Western blotting and qPCR. Result: By processing fluorescent images using BODIPY 493/503 staining for lipid droplets and comparing data outputs with Matlab and ImageJ, a method using Matlab as image processing platform was established for the determination of intracellular lipid accumulation ; a 1. 41 - fold increase in oleic acid - induced lipid accumulation was detected by fluorescent image processing, which were in accordance with the markedly enhancement in Adipophilin protein levels (2. 07 - fold) and mRNA levels (1. 53 - fold). Conclusion: The method combining fluorescent staining and image processing shall help analyze the intracellular lipid accumulation both rapidly and accurately.

3.Homogeneity-preserving property of harmonic sequences from surfaces into complex Grassmann manifolds

Author:Fei Jie;Zhang Wenjuan

Source:Frontiers of Mathematics in China,2017,Vol.12

Abstract:We prove that if phi is a homogeneous harmonic map from a Riemann surface M into a complex Grassmann manifold G(k,n), then the maps of the harmonic sequences generated by phi are all homogeneous.

4.Measurement of PSO Diversity Based on L1 Norm

Author:CHENG Shi;SHI Yuhui

Source:Computer Science,2011,Vol.38

Abstract:A novel PSO population diversity based on norm was defined,which provides useful information of PSO search process.Population diversity based on and norms were analyzed as well as element-wised and dimension-wised PSO diversity.Population diversities of PSO with different number of dimensions,different topology structure,and different population sizes were discussed and tested on benchmark functions

5.Fundamental groups, homology equivalences and one-sided h-cobordisms

Author:Su Yang;Ye Shengkui

Source:Science China. Mathematics,2015,Vol.58

Abstract:We give a necessary and sufficient condition for the fundamental group homomorphism of a map between CW-complexes (manifolds) to induce partial homology equivalences. As applications, we obtain characterizations of fundamental groups of homology spheres and Moore manifolds. Moreover, a classification of one-sided h-cobordism of manifolds up to diffeomorphisms is obtained, based on Quillen's plus construction with Whitehead torsions.

6.Partitioning Method of Virtual Microgrid Based on Electrical Coupling Strength

Author:Wu Chunchao;Xue Fei;Xu Xiaotong;Lu Shaofeng;Jiang Lin;Li Gang

Source:Automation of Electric Power Systems,2019,Vol.43

Abstract:With the fast development in the research of smart grid and Energy Internet, more and more distributed renewable energy and energy storage devices are connected into distribution networks, intelligent development of distribution network has become an inevitable trend. It is a big challenge for large-scale conventional distribution networks to be consistent with the requirements of free, equal and flexible interaction. Virtual microgrids with high internal convergence are proposed based on electrical coupling strength, which is partitioned from conventional power distribution networks. Furthermore, an implementation framework of virtual microgrids based on extended cyber, physical and socioeconomic is put forward, three-stage research problems of boundary division, resource optimization deployment and collaborative capability management are introduced. According to the first problem, by defining the electrical coupling strength, the classical Newman fast partitioning algorithm is upgraded in complicated network to realize the automatic optimization of boundary in virtual microgrids. Through case studies, the proposed algorithm is verified to be reasonable and efficient.

7.Mapping the T cell response to COVID-19

Author:Li Junwei;Wang Junhua;Kang Angray S;Sacitharan Pradeep Kumar

Source:Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy,2020,Vol.5

Abstract:A recent article by Grifoni et al. elegantly demonstrated the ability to measure and understand the human CD4+ and CD8+ T cell responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection. These findings highlighted below gave new insights into the immunopathogenesis of COVID-19, the crossreactivity of the SARS-CoV-2 infections, the potential targets of T cells, and for vaccine design.

8.The Measurement of High-Quality Development Level from Five Development Concepts:Empirical Analysis of 21 Prefecture-Level Cities in Guangdong Province

Author:Ou Jinfeng;Xu Chaojun;Liu Yuqi

Source:Economic Geography,2020,Vol.40

Abstract:From the five development concepts,this paper grasps the connotation of high-quality development,constructs an evaluation system of 20 indexes of high-quality development,and measures the comprehensive level of high-quality development of Guangdong Province by the entropy weight TOPSIS method.The results show that economic growth is the foundation of high-quality development.Only with the continuous expansion of economic scale can the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure,the improvement of benefits and the joint construction and sharing of development achievements be realized.The spatial distribution of high quality development level in guangdong province is characterized by "generally higher in Pearl River Delta and backward in east north and west" "the coastal economic belt is higher,the mountain area is lower".The contribution rate of innovation,green and Shared development is relatively low,there is still a lot of room for development.In view of this,in order to realize the high-quality economic development of guangdong province,we should first establish the idea of paying equal attention to "quantitative change and qualitative change" in economic development,and improve the quality and efficiency on the basis of enlarging the economic scale.Secondly,we need to implement the core strategy of innovation-driven development,increase investment in innovation and drive reform and innovation to promote high-quality economic development.Finally,public financial input in education,medical care,environment and other fields should be strengthened to make up for the shortcomings of social and ecological development,so as to comprehensively promote high-quality economic development of guangdong province.

9.Analysis and modeling of piezoelectric laminated smart structures with both geometric and electroelastic material nonlinearities

Author:Zhang Shunqi;Zhang Shuyang;Chen Min;Zhao Guozhong

Source:Journal of Shanghai University. Natural Science Edition,2020,Vol.26

Abstract:Piezoelectric smart structures under strong driving voltages will result in large displacements and rotations,in which electroelastic material and geometric nonlinearities affect simultaneously the structural response.In order to provide a precise model for design and application of piezoelectric smart structures,geometrically nonlinear finite element(FE)models with strong driving voltages are developed based on the first-order shear deformation hypothesis.The proposed models consider both geometric and material nonlinearities,in which the geometrically nonlinear effects include von Karman type nonlinear,moderate rotation nonlinear and large rotation nonlinear.The present models are validated effectively and accurately through comparison with the experimental data from the literature.Finally,simulations and validations have been conducted through a plate structure and a cantilevered semicircular cylindrical piezoelectric shell structure in terms of the proposed different models to verify the necessity and precision.

10.Network Cooperation Mode Driven by Self-Awareness of Roles and Two Types of Institutions:A Grounded Research on A University

Author:Liang Chaogao;Xi Youmin;Zhang Xiaojun;Zhang Jingbo;Xu Siqi

Source:Science of Science and Management of S.& T.,2019,Vol.40

Abstract:The persistent problem of administrative tendency in universities is regaining attentions in the context of innovative transformation and 'Double First-class' project.Based on the grounded research on A university,this paper finds that internal network cooperation is a process of multi-directional organizing based on connecting nodes directly,which is triggered by projects,tasks or problems raised by organizational members.Self-awareness of roles,assuring and cultivating institutions are the key drivers facilitating the network cooperation;self-awareness of roles renews these institutions,which in turn reinforce the self-awareness of roles.In addition,the institutions need to be maintained by a participatory governance structure,and the self-awareness of roles need another two drivers,namely mutual understanding and symbiotic development among members.At the end of the paper is a discussion and comparison between the ideal bureaucratic organization and internal network organization.


Author:Ertas A;Smith M W;Tate D;Lawson W D;Baturalp T B

Source:Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering,2016,Vol.25

Abstract:This paper outlines a diagnostic approach to quantify the maintainability of a Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS)-based system by analyzing the complexity of the deployment of the system components. Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) is used to demonstrate how ISM supports in iden-tifying and understanding interdependencies among COTS components and how they affect the com-plexity of the maintenance of the COTS Based System (CBS). Through ISM analysis we have deter-mined which components in the CBS contribute most significantly to the complexity of the system. With the ISM, architects, system integrators, and system maintainers can isolate the COTS products that cause the most complexity, and therefore cause the most effort to maintain, and take precautions to only change those products when necessary or during major maintenance efforts. The analysis also clearly shows the components that can be easily replaced or upgraded with very little impact on the rest of the system.

12.Progress of Research on Aeolian Sediment Transport Influenced by Tide

Author:He Yanyu;Liu Jianhui;Cai Feng;Li Bailiang;Wang Lihui;Ning Qingqian

Source:Journal of Desert Research,2018,Vol.38

Abstract:Alternate wetting and drying beachface induced by tide is one of the most important process influencing beach aeolian sediment transport.From the aspects of temporal and spatial variabilities of surface moisture content and cyclical variation of wind fetch length,as well as their own effect on beach aeolian sediment transport in the environment of alternate wetting and drying induced by tide,this paper summarizes the main progress and achievements of beach aeolian sediment transport influenced by tide.The main conclusions of this review are shown as:(1)The relationship between surface moisture variabilities and tidal oscillation is nonlinear,which is separated by a double hysteresis effect induced by watertable and capillary fringe;(2)A positive correlation between aeolian sediment transport threshold and surface moisture has been found in the case of surface moisture less than critical moisture threshold and the beach aeolian transport system will nearly shut down once surface moisture greater than critical moisture threshold;(3)The correlation between aeolian mass flux and fetch length can be divided into three stages according to the equilibrium state of sediment transport:positive before equilibrium state,negative after equilibrium state and irrelevant during equilibrium state.Finally,some necessary future research directions in China are put forward,according to the present research situation of beach aeolian sediment transport influenced by tide.

13.Methodological evaluation of rhCNB in long-tailed macaque sera detected by Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay(ELISA)

Author:Shao Jiping;Zhang Caiyun;Hu Buwei;Xie Xueli;Tian Shuhong;Wang Richao;Huang Daolong;Fu Jian

Source:Chinese Journal of Immunology,2016,Vol.32

Abstract:Objective: To validate an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA) method for the quantification of rhCNB in long-tailed macaque sera. Methods: The linear, sensitivity,accuracy,precision and recovery were determined using ELISA. Results: The present ELISA method had high linearity within 0.195 ng /ml -12.5 ng /ml, the working curve of rhCNB was Y = 15.1X -0.26, R~2 = 0.996 8,the method showed good sensitivity of 0.195 ng /ml, the accuracy were in the range of 91.9%% -108.8%%, and the Coefficient of variation(CV) for inter-assay were 3.55%%, 1.39%% and 4.71%%, the intra-assay were 1.59%%, 3.2%% and 3.8%%, all less than 10%%,the recoveries were in the range of 88.5%% -108.3%%, < 110%%. Thus the method was coincidence with requirement. Conclusion: Double antibody sandwich ELISA assay of rhCNB in long-tailed macaque sera has good sensitivity, accuracy, precision and recovery and it can be used to measure rhCNB concentration in biological samples.

14.A new perspective on landscape impact in bee populations:Considering the bee gut microbiome

Author:Tang Min;Zou Yi;Su Qinzhi;Zhou Xin

Source:Biodiversity Science,2019,Vol.27

Abstract:Pollinator bees are providers of an important ecosystem service,and their survival relies completely on the landscape.Now with the landscape dominated by agriculture,bee diversity has been significantly reduced.Studies suggest that bee populations decline as agricultural land-use increases due to increased exposure to detrimental pesticides.Further,the protein content of pollen is highly important for the growth and development of a bee,and different landscapes provide distinct sources of nutrition.Although many studies have demonstrated the apparent impacts of landscape change on the population dynamics and individual survival of the bees,the underpinning mechanisms remain largely unknown.On the other hand,an increasing body of literature has shown that bee gut symbionts are of great importance to the health of the host bees in absorbing nutrients and resisting pathogens.When foraging,pollinator bees are exposed to particular microbes from pollen and nectar which have been suggested to be a source of some bee gut symbionts and could be either probiotics or pathogens.Together with landscape-related nutrition and pesticides,environmental microbes have been reported to affect bee microbiomes significantly.A number of pilot studies suggest that landscape change could affect bee microbiota,thereby influencing host health.An important linkage,however,is missing between environmental microbiota,especially those associated with the flowers,and that of the bee gut in a changing habitat.It is worth exploring how gut microbiomes respond to landscape changes.This will hopefully help us identify landscape types that are friendly to bees,so proper land-use can be implemented to protect the bees.

15.Theories and Practice of Research-Centered Teaching in Urban-Rural Planning Pedagogy

Author:Zhong Sheng

Source:Urban Planning Forum,2018,Vol.

Abstract:Teaching and research are two most important functions of higher education institutions and there exists substantial synergies between the two. Urban-rural planning, as an applied social science with multidisciplinary characteristics, must respond to the call of the contemporary society. Such a requirement can only be met by improving the quality of urban- rural planning education in China. The paper theoretically reviews the meanings of "research" and "teaching" within the context of the planning discipline and by referring to the three stages of student learning, the paper argues that higher education should aim at transforming students from passive knowledge receivers to independent and proactive knowledge inquirers. This goal can be achieved by incorporating research components into teaching and student learning experience. Based on four theoretical models of building teaching and research nexus, the paper illustrates specific forms of research-centered teaching practice. Supported by data collected in student questionnaire surveys, teaching peer views and other sources, a critical reflection is made over the existing practice. At the end, the paper suggests that the design of research- centered teaching must be informed by pedagogical theories, adhere to methodological procedures and incorporate values of equity and inclusiveness in higher education.

16.A Novel Stator and Rotor Dual PM Flux Modulated Machine

Author:Wang Yunchong;Fu W N;Niu Shuangxia;Li Xingjian

Source:Chinese Journal of Electrical Engineering,2017,Vol.3

Abstract:A novel structure of Veriner permanent magnet (VPM) machine is presented as an effective option for high torque density direct-driven applications. The key is to locate PMs on both sides of rotor and stator, and design the stator PMs as a cylinder shape,the rotation of which can be controlled by an external driven system. With this design,magnetic field in the airgap can be directly regulated by the rotation of stator PMs. The structure and operation principle are introduced and the performance is analyzed with time-stepping finite element method (FEM). Analysis results show that the novel structure has really high torque density and good field weakening performance.

17.Creative Chinese Countryside? Township-Village Enterprises as Incubators

Author:Liu Mengchuan;Wang Yiwen;Nolf Christian

Source:Built Heritage,2019,Vol.3

Abstract:Since the turn of the century, creative industries have displayed considerable power in transforming the social and economic landscapes of most global metropolises, including such Chinese mega-cities as Beijing and Shanghai. However, the story of creative industries does not end there. Recent studies have focused on the role of creative sector in the countryside. It has been argued that the creative sector can effectively contribute to diversifying socio-economic development in rural areas by increasing employment, enhancing the quality of life, and promoting social inclusion and community development. With the aim to chart new paths for China's rural revitalisation and address the country's 'three rural issues' (i.e. agriculture, rural areas and farmers), this paper examines the potentials and challenges to developing the creative sector in rural China. It first reviews the academic debate about expanding the development of creative industries from urban to rural areas. Drawing on the research and classification of creative industries in rural Western Ireland, this study identifies industries characterised by 'content creation and production' and 'creative design services', which would have potential in rural China. The major impediments to and crucial factors for developing rural creative industries in China are investigated and appraised within the framework of'creative people, creative place, and creative support'. After analysing emerging practices in Jiangsu Province, this paper highlights the potential of abandoned industrial complexes in rural parts of China's coastal regions, which can act as incubators for creative industries. Those former manufacturing plants are the remains of township-village enterprises (TVEs), which constituted part of China's flagship policy for rural regeneration in the 1980s. Not only do they have special architectural attributes favourable for creative production, but also represent the socio-economic entity of the village collective and are the carriers of cultural meanings and memories. This paper concludes with a set of recommendations for both public and private sectors. It calls for a more proactive stance from governments to promote the creative sector in rural areas and revitalise rural economies and communities through the reuse or regeneration of former TVEs.

18.Review and Prospect of Organizational Management and Systems Engineering Research

Author:Xi Youmin;Liu Peng

Source:Journal of Systems Science and Mathematical Sciences,2019,Vol.39

Abstract:The article "Technology of Organizational Management-Systems Engineering" not only lays the foundation for the development of systems engineering and systems science in China, but also opens up space for China to solve the problems of organizational management by using the ideas and methodology of systems engineering. This paper reviews the application of the results of systematic research in the field of organizational management, and takes the HeXie Management research as an example, gives some suggestions for future research.

19.Discrete element modelling of impact attritions of agglomerates of autoadhesive elastoplastic particles

Author:Liu Lianfeng;Liao Shufang

Source:Chinese Journal of Applied Mechanics,2015,Vol.32

Abstract:In this paper, discrete element modelling of agglomerate impact has been conducted by adopting the theory of contact mechanics for elastoplastic auto-adhesive particles. Results show that, under the same conditions other than the predefined yield pressure, the elasto-plastic agglomerate tends to disintegrate during impact in contrast to the elastic agglomerate which has fractured in terms of breakage pattern. Due to the presence of plastic deformation and additional kinetic energy loss, the elastoplastic agglomerate during impact needs longer loading period than the elastic agglomerate, and generates larger peak wall force and greater internal damage. It was also observed that the amplitude of wall forces during loading is relatively smaller than the corresponding elastic agglomerate. However, during unloading, the remaining kinetic energy become less.

20.From basic science to major technological innovation: A scope of legitimacy

Author:Cheng Peng;Liu Xielin;Li Yang;Wang Xiao

Source:Studies in Science of Science,2018,Vol.36

Abstract:There are increasingly more studies about how to overpass rivals on quality and efficiency,make breakthrough in key industrial technology,and boost the conversion from science to innovation,by supporting the research of basic science. However,there are few studies about how to make scientific research acquire legitimacy and specifically what kind of legitimacy. Longitudinally focusing on the quantum technology according to the stage characteristics of legitimacy formation and the legitimacy bases,this study analyzed the relationships among money,institution,industry,and talent (MIIT),as well as their interactions and consequences. This study has two findings: (1) In the process of legalization,the interaction mode of MIIT alters with the change of subjects'role,motive,and behavior pattern; the evolution of the interaction mode enhances the research capability of science and technology; the interactions of MIIT directly lead to cognitive legitimacy,and the interactions helps to develop norm legitimacy and regulation legitimacy by boosting the research capability and outcome. (2) Legitimacy is a continuous variable,and there is a tendency that its extent and scope increase along the process of legalization. The main contribution of this study relies on the analysis of the micro mechanism of legitimacy formation and evolution,and the finding of legitimacy's evolution pattern.
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