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1.Stigma of Mental Illness:Social Distancing Attitudes among Registered Nurses in Australia

Author:Tan Kan Ku;Michael Ha;

Source:Proceedings of 2015 Workshop 9,2015,Vol.

Abstract:Background:Stigma of mental illness is often examined in social psychology and psychiatric rehabilitation using attitude studies.Participants of these studies are among health professionals and general public members.A common measure of stigma is using validated scale which measures the opinion on m...

2.Medium-term and Long-term Environmental Economic Policies on Thermal Power Industry in China Seen from the New Environment Protection Law

Author:Wang Sheng;Guo Tongshu;Sun Xueli;Li Yuening;

Source:Meteorological and Environmental Research,2016,Vol.

Abstract:In the newly revised Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China that has been implemented since January 1,2015,there is a lot of emphasis on environmental economic policies. In this paper,according to the current situation of environmental pollution and protection in thermal powe...

3.Graphene Based Electrochemical Sensor for the Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds

Author:Yixin Zhang;Kim KT Lau;

Source:Learning Weekly,2014,Vol.

Abstract:Many household consumables contain volatile organic compounds(VOCs)as the active ingredient.Long term exposure to VOCs could cause various health problems,especially to the respiratory system.Graphene has attracted a lot of attention recently for its potential to be used as sensing material for VOCs...




Abstract:移动互联网的兴起、信息技术的发展、人工智能的出现,催生孕育了共享经济并极大地改变着市场竞争方式与全球商业格局。对此,宝洁公司(Procter&Gamble)首席运营官罗伯特·麦克唐纳(Robert McDonald)曾借用一个军事术语来描述这一新的商业格局,认为"这是一个VUCA的世界。"VUCA指的是不稳定(Volatility)、不确定(Uncertainty)、复杂(Complexity)、模糊(Ambiguity)。"在组织内部,组织结构逐渐从科层式向平台式转在,企业边界被打破,涌现出

5.Earnings Management and Corporate Restructuring: Evidence from 'Label Removed' ST Companies in China

Author:Xiaozhou. Wang;Lingyan. Zuo;

Source:Planetary Scientific Research Center Conference Proceedings Volume 16,2012,Vol.

Abstract:This paper examines earnings management behavior for 'Label Removed' Special Treatment (ST) companies in China A-stock market between 2002-2007. By using cross sectional modified Jones model, we find that abnormal accruals in 'Label Removed' ST companies are significantly higher than normal listed c...

6.Input Space Partitioning for Machine Learning

Author:Steven Guan;

Source:Proceedings of 2016 IEEE Information Technology,Networking,Electronic and Automation Control Conference(ITNEC 2016),2016,Vol.

Abstract:This talk introduces an input attribute grouping method to improve the performance of learning. During training for a specific problem, the input attributes are partitioned into groups according to the degree of inter-attribute promotion or correlation that quantifies the supportive or negative inte...

7.Negative Stereotyping Attitudes towards Mental Illness: Is It Culturally Related?

Author:Tan Kan Ku;Michael Ha;

Source:Proceedings of 2015 Workshop 12,2015,Vol.

Abstract:Background: Stigma of mental illness is often related to attitude studies in social science research,cross-cultural psychology and education in social behaviour. Majority of these studies used opinion on mental illness to examine attitudes. Method: A cross-sectional survey was presented to208 regist...





9.Review and Prospect of Organizational Management and Systems Engineering Research

Author:Xi Youmin;Liu Peng

Source:Journal of Systems Science and Mathematical Sciences,2019,Vol.39

Abstract:The article "Technology of Organizational Management-Systems Engineering" not only lays the foundation for the development of systems engineering and systems science in China, but also opens up space for China to solve the problems of organizational management by using the ideas and methodology of systems engineering. This paper reviews the application of the results of systematic research in the field of organizational management, and takes the HeXie Management research as an example, gives some suggestions for future research.

10.An ARMA Model for Natural Gas Consumption

Author:Ahmet Goncu;

Source:Proceedings of 2013 3rd International Conference on Energy and Environmental Science(ICEES 2013),2013,Vol.

Abstract:In this study we propose a new model for modeling and forecasting natural gas consumption, which is important for efficient management of energy resources. The existing literature on modeling natural gas consumption uses time series models such as autoregressive moving average (ARMA) models. We exte...





12.Culture and Stigma of Mental Illness: Path Analysis Conducted with Amos in Transcultural Psychiatry in Australia

Author:Tan Kan Ku;Michael Ha;

Source:Proceedings of 2015 Workshop 6,2015,Vol.

Abstract:Aim: The study was designed to elucidate the relationships between cultural values, contact level, differential nursing practices and stigma towards mental illness among General and Psychiatric Nurses(N = 208) from Anglo and Chinese backgrounds in Australia. The study results aimed at informing educ...
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