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1.Culture and Stigma of Mental Illness: Path Analysis Conducted with Amos in Transcultural Psychiatry in Australia

Author:Tan Kan Ku;Michael Ha

Source:Journal of Biosciences and Medicines,2015,Vol.

Abstract:Aim: The study was designed toelucidate the relationships between cultural values, contact level,differential nursing practices and stigma towards mental illness among Generaland Psychiatric Nurses (N = 208) from Anglo and Chinese backgrounds inAustralia. The study results aimed at informing education disciplines, healthcare providers and policy makers to examine strategies that seek to diminishstigma of mental illness and to reflect on cultural sensitive issues associatedwith mental illness. This paper reports analyses conducted with AMOS-5 withinthe Chinese sample (n = 84). Method: A cross-sectional survey explored a numberof factors such as contact factor, cultural values (Individualism (IND), In groupRole Concern (IRC) and In group Interdependence (INT)), “General Stigma”measured by the Social Distancing (STPP) and Negative Stereotyped (DISL) Scalesand how these factors might translate into nurses' endorsement of differentialcare practices between two vignettes (diabetes versus mental illness), whichwas termed “Practice Stigma”. “Practice Stigma” was measured by Caring Approach(CARE), Nursing Satisfaction (SATI), Authoritarian Stance (AUTH) and Negativity(NEGA) Scales. Differential practices (DIF_CARE, DIF_SATI, DIF_AUTH andDIF_NEGA) were obtained by subtracting the diabetes case from the mentalillness case. Findings: Chinese nurses endorsed more highly collectivist valuesmeasured by the variables “In group Interdependence” and “In group Role Concern”when compared with Anglo-Australian nurses, but there was no difference inindividualist values measured by “Individualism”. Chinese nurses endorsed morehighly general stigma towards mental illness than Anglo nurses when statisticallycontrolled for differences in background demographics and contact factors. Chinesenurses endorsed more care/support and authoritarianism in their clinicalapproaches than Anglo-Australian nurses, although there was no significantinteraction effect between ethnicity and patient type on care andauthoritarianism. Chinese nurses endorsed more highly differential negativitythan Anglo nurses for the mental illness case than the diabetes case, an effectmediated by differences in general stigma between these two ethnic groups. Withinthe Chinese sample, higher contact was related to lower differential negativityfor the mental illness case than the diabetes case. Several path analysessuggested that Chinese values influenced differential negativity, mediated bygeneral stigma and prior diversified contact with people having a mentalillness.



Source:Business Review,2017,Vol.




Source:Real Estate Information of China,2016,Vol.

Abstract:当全球经济艰难复苏时,税收改革再度进入各国政府的视野,比如2013年法国总统奥朗德上台后随即推行'巨富税',对年收入超过100万欧元的纳税人征收税率高达75%%的富人税(Sina News 2013).

4.Biofilm formation in drinking water pipes

Author:Bharathi Ramalingam;Raju Sekar;Joby Boxall;Catherine Biggs

Source:Water21: Magazine of the International Water Association,2013,Vol.

Abstract:Biofilm formation within drinking water pipes can cause water quality problems such as discolouration or a bad taste as well as increasing turbidity, reducing water pressure and flow, influencing corrosion and releasing pathogenic bacteria, which is a concern for public health. Disease-causing pathogens such as Helicobacter pylori, Escherichia coli and Legionella pneumophila can also form part of these biofilms. Compared to wastewater, there has been a lack of research into the microbiology of drinking water, explains Professor Joby Boxall, who co-authored the paper.'This probably reflects the applications and attitudes to bacteria at treatment works; microbial processes being the basis of most wastewater treatment processes, but being the target of potable water treatment. However, we know that bacteria and biofilms are ubiquitous, including in the relatively inhospitable environment (low nutrients, light, etc.) of distribution systems. Hence, it is desirable to start to understand biofilms so that we can ultimately create environments that promote biofilms with beneficial properties - such as being strongly adhered to the pipe walls and hence unlikely to be mobilised and contribute to discolouration or biofilms that are less likely to harbour pathogens, arguably protecting them from disinfection residuals.'





6.A Study of Normalized Population Diversity in Particle Swarm Optimization

Author:Shi Cheng;Yuhui Shi;Quande Qin

Source:International journal of swarm intelligence research,2013,Vol.

Abstract:The values and velocities of a Particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm can be recorded as series of matrix and its population diversity can be considered as an observation of the distribution of matrix elements. Each dimension is measured separately in the dimension-wise diversity, on the contrary, the element-wise diversity measures all dimension together. In this paper, PSO algorithm is first represented in the matrix format, then based on the analysis of the relationship between pairs of vectors in PSO solution matrix, different normalization strategies are utilized for dimension-wise andelement-wise population diversity, respectively. Experiments on benchmark functions are conducted. Based on the simulation results of ten benchmark functions (include unimodal/multimodal function, separable/non-separable function), the properties of normalized population diversities are analyzed and discussed.

7.Increased progesterone receptor expression in uterine leiomyomas: Correlation with age, number of leiomyomas and clinical symptoms

Author:Tsigkou, A;Lee, MH;Reis, FM;Jiang, BJ;Tosti, C;Shen, FR;Chen, YG;Petraglia, F




Source:Chinese Information,2015,Vol.


9.Porting looCi from the Contiki platform to the Zigduino platform An working approach

Author:Shen, Zhun ; Afolabi, David ; Liang, Hai-Ning ; Zhang, Nan ; Liu, Dawei ; Man, Ka ; Lim, Eng ; Lei, Chi-Un ; Yang, Yue ; Cheng, Lixin

Source:IAENG International Journal of Computer Science,2013,Vol.40

Abstract:The Zigduino is an open-source Arduino compatible microcontroller platform with an integrated 802.15.4 radio. The Loosely-coupled Component Infrastructure (LooCI) is a component-based middleware for building sensor network applications that runs on the Contiki operating system, which provides IPv6 networking. In this paper, we describe our approach to, and experiences of porting the LooCI/Contiki stack to the Zigduino platform.



Source:Business Review,2017,Vol.


11.Modeling Policyholder Behavior through Insurance Resonant Marts for Pricing Options and Guarantees

Author:S. Jayaprakash;Michael Ha

Source:World Journal of Engineering and Technology,2015,Vol.

Abstract:Background: The 11th Annual Conference ofAsia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association was held on July 22-25, 2007 inTaipei, Taiwan. The first author participated in this annual conference wherehe met the second author who was invited to deliver two plenary speeches onCorporate Governance and Financial Institution Regulation [1] and AlternativeInvestments for Financial Institutions [2]. The first author was then workingas consultant with i-flex solutions, a subsidiary of Oracle and the secondauthor was Vice President of Strategic Business Initiatives Units at ING Life Insurancein its Taiwan operation. The two authors decided to start collaborating on aresearch paper titled “Modeling Policyholder Behavior through InsuranceResonant Marts for Pricing Options and Guarantees.” The first version of thepaper was submitted for research purposes to ING Insurance Risk ManagementGlobal Conference 2007 [3] which was held in Beijing, China. Although it wasneither presented nor published, the working draft was constantly updated and revised.In 2015, after eight years of continuous research collaboration, the twoauthors decided to submit the final version of the paper to the 5th WorldCongress on Engineering and Technology for scholarly presentation. Aim: The competitionin the insurance industry is extremely fierce. Insurance companies are undertremendous pressure to retain and increase their customer base, to offerservices at attractive rates and provide returns competitive with mutual funds,equities and banks, to achieve profitability across various lines of insurance,to comply with statutory norms etc. Despite having the best of breeds, such asaccountants, actuaries [4], lawyers, underwriters, IT experts, consultants,etc., many insurance companies face severe problems to cope with and surviveunder such pressures. Insurance companies are now striving towards creatinginnovative products that can match the expectation of the customers withrespect to investment returns and risk coverage at competitive rates, which isa very challenging task. Also it is very important to measure the expectationsof the customers keeping in mind that those customers are already owners ofother financial products. Pricing always follows the expectations and withoutproper data support, Model risk is imminent. Even if a product is correctlypriced, without understanding the behavior of the policyholder towards variousfinancial products will lead to heavy lapses [4]. The authors describe a newframework called UIRDM Approach (Unified Insurance Resonant Data Mart) for theinsurance companies wherein this approach stresses the need to think beyond theinsurance boundaries.

12.The Application of Problem Based Learning in Undergraduate Nursing Education: A Strategy for Curriculum Reform

Author:Tan Kan Ku;Michael Ha

Source:Journal of Biosciences and Medicines,2016,Vol.

Abstract:Background: Problem based learning (PBL) is an innovative way of delivering instruction in which problems are used as the basis of learning. Problem based learning was developed in the 1960s by Harold Barrows at McMaster University Medical School in Canada. Since then, PBL had been im-plemented as a teaching method in other reputable education institutions internationally, includ-ing nursing education. Curriculum reform is proposed through PBL in conjunction with patient simulation in undergraduate nursing education. The first author, Tan Kan Ku, PhD Candidate, MHS (Transcultural Mental Health—by Research) worked as a Registered Nurse for more than two decades internationally in England, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and Australia, where she worked as a Case Manager in Community Mental Health Rehabilitation Program. Since 2001, she focused on nurse education and research into the stigma of mental illness from a cross-cultural perspective. Currently, she teaches Mental Health, Cultural Diversity and Research in the Diploma of Nursing course at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, while completing her PhD thesis for examination at Charisma University. The second author, Dr. Michael Ha, FSA, MAAA, CFA, CPA (Australia) FRM, PRM, LLM, is the Founding Director of the MSc Financial Mathematics programme at Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University. He was previously Vice President of Strategic Business In-itiatives Units at ING Life Insurance in its Taiwan operation. Ninety percent of his students are enrolled in the Financial Mathematics programme. They learn not only mathematics and statistics theories but also their applications in the Finance and Investment areas, especially Portfolio Con-struction and Financial Risk Management. Creating a real-world Finance work environment in university lecture-halls embracing theories and practice, Dr. Ha strongly believes the PBL method can be employed in the Financial Mathematics training agenda so students can be better-prepared for work. Students are no longer instructed-learners but active thinkers and problem-solvers. Conclusion: Educators in fields such as Medical, Nursing, Engineering, Financial Mathematics, Ac-counting, Computing, etc., need to be prepared to change their teaching philosophy from didactic to problem solving for PBL to be implemented. Constructive alignment is recommended for curri-culum reform.

13.Input Space Partitioning for Neural Network Learning

Author:Shujuan Guo;Sheng-Uei Guan;Weifan Li;Ka Lok Man;Fei Liu;A. K. Qin

Source:International journal of applied evolutionary computation,2013,Vol.

Abstract:To improve the learning performance of neural network (NN), this paper introduces an input attribute grouping based NN ensemble method. All of the input attributes are partitioned into exclusive groups according to the degree of inter-attribute promotion or correlation that quantifies the supportive interactions between attributes. After partitioning, multiple NNs are trained by taking each group of attributes as their respective inputs. The final classification result is obtained by integrating the results from each NN. Experimental results on several UCI datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

14.A Sustainable Regulatory Framework for Affordable Provision of Public Rental Housing in China

Author:常莹;Geoffrey Payne;Mesky Brhane


Abstract:  China has committed to provide 36 million units of affordable housing by 2015, reaching 20%% of the total households in cities and towns.This massive supply plan is at the cost of considerable financial, natural and environmental resources.This paper is aimed to suggest a more sustainable and affordable regulatory framework of provision.The main methodology employed is the regulatory framework review, including a desktop review of the existing norms,regulations and standards of public rental housing in Shanghai, 300 questionnaire survey of tenants, and interviews with four developers.The barriers that have limited the efficiency of provision have been diagnosed, followed by suggestions to provide more units with less cost (both financially and environmentally) and cheap price.

15.Graphene Based Electrochemical Sensor for the Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds

Author:Yixin Zhang;Kim KT Lau;

Source:Learning Weekly,2014,Vol.

Abstract:Many household consumables contain volatile organic compounds(VOCs)as the active ingredient.Long term exposure to VOCs could cause various health problems,especially to the respiratory system.Graphene has attracted a lot of attention recently for its potential to be used as sensing material for VOCs...

16.Experimental Study on Boundary Constraints Handling in Particle Swarm Optimization: From Population Diversity Perspective

Author:Shi Cheng;Yuhui Shi;Quande Qin

Source:International journal of swarm intelligence research,2011,Vol.

Abstract:Premature convergence happens in Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) for solving both multimodalproblems and unimodal problems. With an improper boundary constraints handling method, particles may get "stuck in " the boundary. Premature convergence means that an algorithm has lost its ability of exploration. Population diversity is an effective way to monitor an algorithm's ability of exploration and exploitation. Through the population diversity measurement, useful search information can be obtained. PSO with a different topology structure and a different boundary constraints handling strategy will have a different impact on particles' exploration and exploitation ability. In this paper, the phenomenon of particles gets "stuck in " the boundary in PSO is experimentally studied and reported. The authors observe the position diversity time-changing curves of PSOs with different topologies and different boundary constraints handling techniques, and analyze the impact of these setting on the algorithm's ability of exploration and exploitation. From these experimental studies, an algorithm's ability of exploration and exploitation can be observed and the search information obtained; therefore, more effective algorithms can be designed to solve problems.

17.Promoting University Quality Education by Innovating Talent Cultivation Model :A Case Study of Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University



Abstract:  After decades of exploration and experiment,Quality Education at university stage has gotten remarkable achievement and need further to enlarge its scope.Based on Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University's exploration of its "Five Star"education model,this paper proposes five suggestions on how to deeply implement Quality Education in universities:establish clear objects of talents cultivation;rethinking and change attitudes towards students;adhere to "student centered"principle;enlarge the thinking of Quality Education to the whole process of talents cultivation;construct systematic support system for the implementation of Quality Education.

18.Volatility Analysis for Chinese Stock Market Using GARCH Type Models

Author:Yin, ZH;Zhang, L;Liu, D


Abstract:The paper investigates the feasibility of three GARCH type models for predicting the volatility of Chinese Stock Markets, namely, GARCH, GARCH-M and EGARCH. In particular, the volatility of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index has been examined by using these three models for a period of 6 years from Dec 2003 to Dec 2009, during which time, the Shanghai Stock Market had experienced a fast booming period (Dec 2003-Nov 2007), a dramatic crash (Nov2007-Oct 2008), and a recovery period (Oct 2008-now). By looking into the volatility of the market composite index, this research has verified the forecasting capacities of these time series models. Results of empirical analysis of the Chinese stock market conclude that there exists a weak negative relation between risk and return of Shanghai stock market, and also confirm the leverage effect, i.e. the impact on market fluctuations from bad news is stronger than that from good news.

19.Mechanism of synergistic innovation outside organization: Retrospective of and implications from loose coupling research



Abstract:  The theoretical bases of current research on synergistic innovation constrain its focuses on micro-behavior of individual,bounded rationality,and paradoxes and dualities of organization.The introduction of the loose coupling perspective can effectively make up for this gap.The study reviews the literature related to loose coupling published from 1990 to 2014,and explores the implications from these papers.The study suggests that synergistic innovation is essentially a kind of loosely coupled system,loose coupling mechanism is prevalent in all levels of synergistic innovation and becomes effective tool to cope with the various contradictions and conflicts in synergistic innovation system,and also causes some negative effect on it.

20.Institutionalized Leadership of Organization: Conceptual Structure, Connotation and Mechanism



Abstract:  As we know,Institutionalized Leadership is crucial for the development of organization.However,existing research has not clearly constructed the conceptual structure and connotation of Institutionalized Leadership,either make a clear exploration of its mechanism to organization.Based on present research,this article clarify the structure and connotation of Institutionalized Leadership further through a qualitative research,and divide the concept into Meaning-focused Institutionalized Leadership and Maneuver-focused Institutionalized Leadership.Then influencing mechanism of the each aforementioned concept is discussed,intending to lay the foundations for further relevant research.
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