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1.Theories and Practice of Research-Centered Teaching in Urban-Rural Planning Pedagogy

Author:Zhong Sheng

Source:Urban Planning Forum,2018,Vol.

Abstract:Teaching and research are two most important functions of higher education institutions and there exists substantial synergies between the two. Urban-rural planning, as an applied social science with multidisciplinary characteristics, must respond to the call of the contemporary society. Such a requirement can only be met by improving the quality of urban- rural planning education in China. The paper theoretically reviews the meanings of "research" and "teaching" within the context of the planning discipline and by referring to the three stages of student learning, the paper argues that higher education should aim at transforming students from passive knowledge receivers to independent and proactive knowledge inquirers. This goal can be achieved by incorporating research components into teaching and student learning experience. Based on four theoretical models of building teaching and research nexus, the paper illustrates specific forms of research-centered teaching practice. Supported by data collected in student questionnaire surveys, teaching peer views and other sources, a critical reflection is made over the existing practice. At the end, the paper suggests that the design of research- centered teaching must be informed by pedagogical theories, adhere to methodological procedures and incorporate values of equity and inclusiveness in higher education.
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