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1.On the constructing mechanism and strategy of HeXie society from the perspective of social governance

Author:Xi Youmin;Zhang Xiaojun

Source:Systems Engineering-Theory & Practice,2013,Vol.33

Abstract:With regard to the challenge of social contradictions and the plan to construct HeXie society, this paper analyzed reasons of the contradictions and proposed three mechanisms to realize HeXie society from the perspective of social governance. We argued that soft legal system, incomplete market, and weakened network mechanisms are main factors that bring about the current unstable social events. Based on the analysis of the essence of HeXie society, we explored the way to construct HeXie society by combining hierarchy, market and network mechanisms, and reforming current political system to build positive environment for the interaction among these mechanisms. The paper also discussed the task and strategy of constructing HeXie society under the framework of HeXie management theory.
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