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Source:Economic Review,2011,Vol.


2.Time Strategy: A Missing Dimension in Strategic Management Research

Author:CAO Xuan-wei;TANG Fang-cheng;LANG Chun-gang


Abstract:As time is a part embedded in strategy, strategy has a time- dependent nature. An analysis is made on the interaction between the strategic action and management cognition based on the time -dependent nature. An elaboration is made on the interaction between the micro action subject in the processes of organizing the formation, implementation and innovation of strategy, and the meso - and macro - layers in the process of organizing strategic action. A discussion is conducted on the mechanisms of impacts on the organizational strategic action imposed by the individual actor in the state of the cognition at different times. The strategic management activities based on the time perspective help deepen the understanding of the topics such as organizing strategic decision- making, innovation, dynamic capacity, entrepreneur innovation, etc. , and also help cognize and deal with some dilemmas in management practices.

3.Calibration of Heston’s Option Pricing Model by Using Simulated Annealing Algorithm


Source:The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics,2011,Vol.28

Abstract:Stochastic Volatility Model (SVM) for option pricing relaxes the assumptions of the BS model. Heston's option pricing model, which differs from other similar stochastic models, has a closed-form solution. However, it is usually difficult to determine the input parameters when the model is employed. In this pa- per, we use the Simulated Annealing Method together with the minimum residual sum of squares to estimate the 5 parameters in Heston model. The simulated annea- ling method can jump out of the local minimal values at certain probability, then converge with a probability 1 to the global minimal value. This method allows us to calibrate suitable parameters for Heston model. In the empirical study, we have de- termined the suitable parameters for Heston model by using Hang Kong Hangsh- eng equity index option data on October 15, 2010 and we have also used these pa- rameters to price the index options for October 18, 2010.

4.Metacognitive Knowledge and Critical Thinking in L2 Writing

Author:Ruan Zhoulin

Source:ZHONGGUO WAIYU,2011,Vol.8

Abstract:The paper will first review the theoretical grounds of metacognition in cognitive psychol- ogy and clarify the distinction between metacognitive knowledge and metacognitive strategies as two components of metacognition. It will thendiscuss, within the framework of cognitive writing theory, research on metacognitive knowledge in second language writing. Finally based on an empirical study on Chinese student writers' metacogntive knowledge (Ruan, 2005), the paper will propose an interactional model of metacognitive knowledge that is capable of explaining aspects of knowledge and cognitive activities in the process of Chinese students' English writing.

5.Allocation and Control of Funds for Library Resources Development Under Reader-Centered Service Environment: A Practical View

Author:Wu DiBi XinZhu Rong;

Source:Library Journal,2011,Vol.30

Abstract:One problem for libraries that need to be urgently sorted out is how to closely combine the user service with resources development.This study is based on a practical case to analyze the models of resources development,and the model of Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Library has been focused as a successful case for the allocation and control of funds for library resources development under reader-centered service environment.
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