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Author:Ban Qichao;Chen Bing;Stephen Sharpies;Michael Phiri

Source:Chinese Hospital Architecture & Equipment,2016,Vol.


2.Relational Power: An Extension and Analysis of Leader Power Types

Author:ZHAO Xinyu;SHANG Yufan;XI Youmin;LI Haiyun

Source:Science of Science and Management of S.&.T.(Monthly),2015,Vol.36

Abstract:Firstly, through reviewing and comparing the classic power models from the aspects of power type func-tion basis, obedience motivation and etc., this study noted that we should pay more attention to the relational power in organization context. Secondly, this study summarized the effects of personal relationship in the field of power research, suggesting that it is necessary to introduce and integrate the personal relationship research at the concep-tion-exploring period of relational power. Finally, this study attempts to answer questions such as: The definition, type division, function motivation and differences from classic power types of relational power.



Source:Manager' Journal,2013,Vol.


4.Review and Discussion on the Application of He Xie Management Theory


Source:Management World,2020,Vol.36


5.Cascode GaN Power Device and Its Application in Wireless Power Transmission System

Author:Qian Hongtu;Zhu Yongsheng;Deng Guangmin;Liu Wen;Chen Dunjun;Pei Yi

Source:Journal of Power Supply,2019,Vol.17

Abstract:To achieve a higher power conversion efficiency, a cascode structure based on 650 V gallium nitride high electron mobility transistor(GaN HEMT) was introduced, together with its applications in wireless power transmission. From the aspect of GaN HEMT design, the effects of field plate design on capacitance and electric field were discussed through simulations. The fabricated cascode device had a leakage current of 2 muA at drain-source voltage of 650 V. At 400 V, the input capacitance C_(iss), the output capacitance C_(oss) and the reverse transfer capacitance Crss were 1 500 pF, 32 pF and 12 pF, respectively, and the dynamic on-resistance increased by about 16%%. Based on the design of this cascode device, a wireless charging prototype with operation frequency of 240~320 kHz and full-load power of 1 kW was designed and presented. Compared with the equivalent Si device, its efficiency was obviously higher within the load range of 200~1 000 W, with the peak efficiency higher than 95%%.

6.A Method for Rapid Measurement of Intracellular Lipid Accumulation

Author:Xiong Yiwei;Zhang Junlong;Yang Tian;Zhang Bailing;Jiang Lin


Abstract:Objective: To propose a fast and reliable method for the determination of intracellular lipid accumulation. Method: Lipid accumulation in HepG2 cells were induced by oleic acid. Lipid droplets were stained with BODIPY 493/503 and measured with fluorescent image processing using Matlab or ImageJ. The images results were compared to those of Adipophilin,a widely served marker for lipid accumulation,which were determined from protein and mRNA levels by Western blotting and qPCR. Result: By processing fluorescent images using BODIPY 493/503 staining for lipid droplets and comparing data outputs with Matlab and ImageJ, a method using Matlab as image processing platform was established for the determination of intracellular lipid accumulation ; a 1. 41 - fold increase in oleic acid - induced lipid accumulation was detected by fluorescent image processing, which were in accordance with the markedly enhancement in Adipophilin protein levels (2. 07 - fold) and mRNA levels (1. 53 - fold). Conclusion: The method combining fluorescent staining and image processing shall help analyze the intracellular lipid accumulation both rapidly and accurately.

7.Responding to Uncertainty and Leader's Evolutionary Process---A Discovery Based on Constructivist Grounded Theory

Author:Zhang Xiaofeng;Xi Youmin;Du Yishan

Source:Science & Technology Progress and Policy,2016,Vol.33

Abstract:This paper draws on a longitudinal case study to investigate the evolutionary process of native leader in private enter‐prise .Through extensive collection and cooperation of qualitative data concerning Y's leader activities ,interpretative analysis of local private entrepreneurs grow th process is investigated using constructivism grounded theory in view of responding to uncertainty . Nine core categories of native leader's evolutionary process model are constructed ,which are "emerging uncertainty challenge","tendency uncertainty challenge","initiative treatment","promote learning"and so on .Moreover ,the"passive adaptation" ,"active design"and complex transformation between the two paths during leader's evolutionary process are analyzed in this research :Lead‐ers respond to emerging uncertainty challenge through positively responding and accumulate practical exercise which constitutes passive adaptation in leaders'evolutionary process .In every stage of corporation development ,Leaders identify tendency uncertainty challenge in advance and adapted this challenge through promoting learning which constitutes active design in leaders'evolutionary process .The paths of active design and passive adaptation in leader's evolutionary process are not completely independent and there are transformation inducement mechanism between them .



Source:Manager' Journal,2013,Vol.


9.Exploring the Micro-Foundation of Resource-Based View: The Role of Leadership in Organizational Resource Acquisition

Author:Zhang Lin ;Zhang Xiaojun;Xi Youmin

Source:Science & Technology Progress and Policy,2016,Vol.33

Abstract:Based on resource -based view ,resource dependence theory ,entrepreneurship research ,dynamic capabilities , and other related theories ,we divided organizational resource acquisition into three stages and developed eight leader's in-fluence ways in each stage respectively .The framework we proposed provides a micro-foundation of resource-based view and contributes to understanding of leadership effectiveness .



Source:Electronics World,2014,Vol.




Source:China Scholars Abroad,2018,Vol.


12.Homogeneity-preserving property of harmonic sequences from surfaces into complex Grassmann manifolds

Author:Fei Jie;Zhang Wenjuan

Source:Frontiers of Mathematics in China,2017,Vol.12

Abstract:We prove that if phi is a homogeneous harmonic map from a Riemann surface M into a complex Grassmann manifold G(k,n), then the maps of the harmonic sequences generated by phi are all homogeneous.

13.The Integrative Mechanism of Organizational Response to Institutional Complexity from Organizational Identity Perspective —A Case Study on One WISE Social Enterprise

Author:Xu Siqi;Xi Youmin

Source:Luojia Management Review,2020,Vol.


14.Post-Structural Theories and Chinese Feminist Criticism: On the Theorization of Women’s \"Subjectivity\" in the Cultural Studies of Socialist China


Source:Theoretical Studies in Literature and Art,2021,Vol.41

Abstract:Centering on the conceptualization of "subjectivity," ths article first traces the post-structural theories' impact on as well as their compex relationshp with Western feminsm. It then expores the development of the theorization of " womens subjectivity" n academic research on Chnese women and gender dscourses in socialist Chna from the 1980s. By examinng the appication of three influential theorists, Lous Althuser, Michel Foucault, and Judth Butler, n the Chnese context, ths article ntends to show the compex genealogy of "appropriating" post-structural theories for dfferent agendas of contemporary Chnese feminst criticism. Some scholars ntegrated post-structural deas nto iberal-humanst dscourses; some employed post-structuralist feminism to de-essentialize and hstoricize the analysis of "subjectivity" and "agency" of socialist Chnese women; some questioned the effectiveness of post-structural theories n studying the Chnese socialist culture from the perspective of hstorical materialism. Different research paradgms of theorizing " female subjectivity" have proven to be influenced and nformed by the changing deologies and social dscourses in Chna since the 1980s.


Author:Gong Lingfei;Yan Haonan;Zhang Dan;Liu Yaqi;Chen Bing

Source:Chinese Hospital Architecture & Equipment,2018,Vol.19

Abstract:根据联合国国际人口学会编著的《人口学字典》的定义,国际上通常把60岁以上的人口占总人口比例达10%%,或65岁以上人口占总人口的比重达7%%作为一个国家或地区进入老龄化社会(Aging Society)的标准,而65岁以上人口占总人口比例达14%%时则视该社会为老龄社会(Aged Society)。我国于2010年以10.33%%的老龄人口比例正式步入老龄化社会,目前是世界上老龄人口最多、

16.An Integrative Conceptual Framework of Business Model: The HeXie Management Theory Perspective

Author:LI Huijun;XI Youmin;GE Jing

Source:Chinese Journal of Management,2015,Vol.12




Source:Journal of Changshu Institute of Technology,2012,Vol.26


18.The Categories of Leader Traits and Their Formations and Relationships in Socialization

Author:Xu Liguo;Xi Youmin;Guo Ju'e;Ge Jing

Source:Nankai Business Review,2016,Vol.19


19.Measurement of PSO Diversity Based on L1 Norm

Author:CHENG Shi;SHI Yuhui

Source:Computer Science,2011,Vol.38

Abstract:A novel PSO population diversity based on norm was defined,which provides useful information of PSO search process.Population diversity based on and norms were analyzed as well as element-wised and dimension-wised PSO diversity.Population diversities of PSO with different number of dimensions,different topology structure,and different population sizes were discussed and tested on benchmark functions

20.A Comparative Study of Void Deck in Suzhou Industrial Park and Singapore

Author:HAN Jiawen;WANG Han

Source:Community Design,2021,Vol.

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