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1.On the theoretical distribution of the wind farm power when there is a correlation between wind speed and wind turbine availability

Author:Kan, C;Devrim, Y;Eryilmaz, S


Abstract:It is important to elicit information about the potential power output of a wind turbine and a wind farm consisting of specified number of wind turbines before installation of the turbines. Such information can be used to estimate the potential power output of the wind farm which will be built in a specific region. The output power of a wind turbine is affected by two factors: wind speed and turbine availability. As shown in the literature, the correlation between wind speed and wind turbine availability has an impact on the output of a wind farm. Thus, the probability distribution of the power produced by the farm depending on the wind speed distribution and turbine availability can be effectively used for planning and risk management. In this paper, the theoretical distribution of the wind farm power is derived by considering the dependence between turbine availability and the wind speed. The theoretical results are illustrated for real wind turbine reliability and wind speed data.

2.Suzhou's modernity within space and spatial relations


Source:Suzhou in Transition,2020,Vol.

3.Experimental and Numerical Study on Impact of Double Layer Vegetation in Open Channel Flows

Author:Rahimi, HR;Tang, X;Singh, P


Abstract:This paper studies the effects of different types and configurations of double layer vegetation on the flow of open channels. The vegetation is simulated through cylindrical dowels with a diameter of 6.35 mm and heights of 10 and 20 cm, which represent short and tall dowels, respectively. Profiles for instantaneous velocities were obtained by acoustic Doppler velocimetry (ADV) at different locations around vegetation with multiple staggered and linear formations. The experiment covers a wide range of sparse to dense vegetation configurations. Furthermore, different flow depths were selected to simulate fully submerged cases for short vegetation and to capture the inflection of velocity over the mixing region between short and tall dowels. The results reveal that the velocity profile is mostly uniform at the depth of short vegetation in different configurations with various densities. The velocity starts to increase in the region near the top edge of short vegetation, followed by a significant increase through the height of tall vegetation to the free surface. Generally, the flow velocity behind the vegetation layer is significantly smaller than that in free regions adjacent to short and tall vegetation. The overall idea of the present study was to simulate the same sets of vegetation configurations using a K-epsilon model with mesh sensitivity analysis to capture inflections over the short vegetation region. The experimental investigations with a numerical study were explored for double layer vegetation, which was corroborated and found to have good agreement for different vegetation configurations. (C) 2019 American Society of Civil Engineers.

4.Dual algorithm for truncated fractional variation based image denoising

Author:Liang, HX;Zhang, JL


Abstract:Fractional-order derivative is attracting more and more attention of researchers in image processing because of its better property in restoring more texture than the total variation. To improve the performance of fractional-order variation model in image restoration, a truncated fractional-order variation model was proposed in Chan and Liang [Truncated fractional-order variation model for image restoration, J. Oper. Res. Soc. China]. In this paper, we propose a dual approach to solve this truncated fractional-order variation model on noise removal. The proposed algorithm is based on the dual approach proposed by Chambolle [An algorithm for total variation minimisation and applications, J. Math Imaging Vis. 20 (2004), pp. 89-97]. Conversely, the Chambolle's dual approach can be treated as a special case of the proposed algorithm with fractional order . The work of this paper modifies the result in Zhang et al. [Adaptive fractional-order multi-scale method for image denoising, J. Math. Imaging Vis. 43(1) (2012), pp. 39-49. Springer Netherlands 0924-9907, Computer Science, pp. 1-11, 2011], where the convergence is not analysed. Based on the truncation, the convergence of the proposed dual method can be analysed and the convergence criteria can be provided. In addition, the accuracy of the reconstruction is improved after the truncation is taken.

5.Fabricated Pictures Detection with Graph Matching


Source:ACM International Conference Proceeding Series,2020,Vol.

Abstract:Fabricating experimental pictures in research work is a serious academic misconduct, which should better be detected in the reviewing process. However, due to large number of submissions, the detection whether a picture is fabricated or reused is laborious for reviewers, and sometimes is unrecognizable with human eyes. A tool for detecting similarity between images may help to alleviate this problem. Some methods based on local feature points matching work for most of the time, while these methods may result in mess of matchings due to ignorance of global relationship between features. We present a framework to detect similar, or perhaps fabricated, pictures with the graph matching techniques. A new iterative method is proposed, and experiments show that such a graph matching technique is better than the methods based only on local features for some cases.

6.Moving shadow detection via binocular vision and colour clustering

Author:Lu, L;Xu, M;Smith, JS;Yan, YY

Source:IET COMPUTER VISION,2020,Vol.14

Abstract:A pedestrian segmentation algorithm in the presence of cast shadows is presented in this study. The novelty of this algorithm lies in the fusion of multi-view and multi-plane homographic projections of foregrounds and the use of the fused data to guide colour clustering. This brings about an advantage over the existing binocular algorithms in that it can remove cast shadows while keeping pedestrians' body parts, which occlude shadows. Phantom detection, which is inherent with the binocular method, is also investigated. Experimental results with real-world videos have demonstrated the efficiency of this algorithm.

7.Implementation of CIM-related technologies within transportation projects

Author:Guo, FY;Jahren, CT;Hao, JL;Zhang, C


Abstract:Technologies are continuously evolving and transportation agencies are always trying to find appropriate technologies to assist with their projects. However, it might be hard to answer what technologies and tools are appropriate for them to use and when to use those technologies and tools. Thus, the purpose of this study is to investigate leading transportation agencies' uses of various advanced technologies (e.g. geographic information system (GIS), light detecting and ranging (LiDAR), 3D engineered models, automatic machine guidance (AMG), mobile devices, intelligent compaction (IC), and electronic document management (EDM) system). Based on the 2 weeks of on-site visits to seven transportation agencies, benefits and lessons learned of using these technologies are summarized in the paper. Additionally, a framework is developed to suggest the proper occasions to use various technologies and manage the resulting data throughout the lifecycle of a transportation project.

8.Review and Discussion on the Application of He Xie Management Theory


Source:Management World,2020,Vol.36


9.Advances of RRAM Devices: Resistive Switching Mechanisms, Materials and Bionic Synaptic Application

Author:Shen, ZJ;Zhao, C;Qi, YF;Xu, WY;Liu, YN;Mitrovic, IZ;Yang, L;Zhao, CZ


Abstract:Resistive random access memory (RRAM) devices are receiving increasing extensive attention due to their enhanced properties such as fast operation speed, simple device structure, low power consumption, good scalability potential and so on, and are currently considered to be one of the next-generation alternatives to traditional memory. In this review, an overview of RRAM devices is demonstrated in terms of thin film materials investigation on electrode and function layer, switching mechanisms and artificial intelligence applications. Compared with the well-developed application of inorganic thin film materials (oxides, solid electrolyte and two-dimensional (2D) materials) in RRAM devices, organic thin film materials (biological and polymer materials) application is considered to be the candidate with significant potential. The performance of RRAM devices is closely related to the investigation of switching mechanisms in this review, including thermal-chemical mechanism (TCM), valance change mechanism (VCM) and electrochemical metallization (ECM). Finally, the bionic synaptic application of RRAM devices is under intensive consideration, its main characteristics such as potentiation/depression response, short-/long-term plasticity (STP/LTP), transition from short-term memory to long-term memory (STM to LTM) and spike-time-dependent plasticity (STDP) reveal the great potential of RRAM devices in the field of neuromorphic application.

10.Open-Ended Coaxial Cable Selection for Measurement of Liquid Dielectric Properties via the Reflection Method

Author:Wang, JC;Lim, EG;Leach, MP;Wang, Z;Man, KL


Abstract:An open-ended coaxial cable is used to measure the dielectric properties of lossy liquid. The method which is based on the measurement of the reflection coefficient of the open-ended cable makes it easy to operate and postprocess. To meet the accuracy requirements, the dimensions of the coaxial cable need to be taken into consideration; therefore, it is necessary to select an appropriate coaxial cable for the measurement. This paper investigates the influence of cable dimensions on dielectric measurement accuracy. With careful choice of the coaxial cable, the relative error of calculated results can be less than 0.1%%.

11.From geometrically to algebraically described hyperbolic paraboloids: An optimisation-based analysis of the Philips Pavilion


Source:RE: Anthropocene, Design in the Age of Humans - Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia, CAADRIA 2020,2020,Vol.1

Abstract:In this paper, we present a procedure to derive algebraic parameters from geometrically described truncated hyperbolic paraboloid surfaces. The procedure uses parametric modelling and optimisation to converge on close algebraic approximations of hyperbolic paraboloid geometry through a successive breakdown of vast search spaces. We illustrate this procedure with its application to the surfaces of the 1958 Philips Pavilion designed by Le Corbusier and Iannis Xenakis. This application yielded previously unavailable parametric data of this building in algebraic form. It highlights the power of the parametric design and optimisation toolkit, both in terms of automated search and epistemological enablement.

12.Urban regeneration in the context of 'New Urbanisation': the case of Xietang Old Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, China

Author:Zhong, S


Abstract:Taking an unassuming case in Suzhou, China, this research examines approaches, strategies and outcomes of recent 'exemplary' regeneration practice in China. It answers the question whether the neo-liberal approaches of the old model have been transcended to honour human-centrality and sustainability in line with 'New Urbanisation principles. Based on surveys, in-depth interviews, a focus group and archival studies, the research finds that the incorporation of social policies into regeneration strategies by the local state, despite achievements in housing and welfare provision, has not helped to transform the top-down and non-participative nature of the old regeneration model.

13.VirusBoxing: A HIIT-based VR boxing game

Author:Xu,Wenge;Liang,Hai Ning;Ma,Xiaoyue;Li,Xiang

Source:CHI PLAY 2020 - Extended Abstracts of the 2020 Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play,2020,Vol.

Abstract:© 2020 ACM. Physical activity or exercise can improve people's health and reduce their risk of developing several diseases; most importantly, regular activity can improve the quality of life. However, lack of time is one of the major barriers for people doing exercise. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can reduce the time required for a healthy exercise regime but also bring similar benefits of regular exercise. We present a boxing-based VR exergame called VirusBoxing to promote physical activity for players. VirusBoxing provides players with a platform for HIIT and empowers them with additional abilities to jab a distant object without the need to aim at it precisely. In this paper, we discuss how we adapted the HIIT protocol and gameplay features to empower players in a VR exergame to give players an efficient, effective, and enjoyable exercise experience.

14.Clinical features and outcomes of adult COVID-19 patients co-infected with Mycoplasma pneumoniae

Author:Zha, L;Shen, J;Tefsen, B;Wang, YJ;Lu, WH;Xu, QC


15.The Integrative Mechanism of Organizational Response to Institutional Complexity from Organizational Identity Perspective —A Case Study on One WISE Social Enterprise

Author:Xu Siqi;Xi Youmin

Source:Luojia Management Review,2020,Vol.


16.Effective Piecewise CNN with attention mechanism for distant supervision on relation extraction task

Author:Li, Yuming ; Ni, Pin ; Li, Gangmin ; Chang, Victor

Source:COMPLEXIS 2020 - Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Complexity, Future Information Systems and Risk,2020,Vol.

Abstract:Relation Extraction is an important sub-task in the field of information extraction. Its goal is to identify entities from text and extract semantic relationships between entities. However, the current Relationship Extraction task based on deep learning methods generally have practical problems such as insufficient amount of manually labeled data, so training under weak supervision has become a big challenge. Distant Supervision is a novel idea that can automatically annotate a large number of unlabeled data based on a small amount of labeled data. Based on this idea, this paper proposes a method combining the Piecewise Convolutional Neural Networks and Attention mechanism for automatically annotating the data of Relation Extraction task. The experiments proved that the proposed method achieved the highest precision is 76.24%% on NYT-FB (New York Times-Freebase) dataset (top 100 relation categories). The results show that the proposed method performed better than CNN-based models in most cases. © 2020 by SCITEPRESS – Science and Technology Publications, Lda. All rights reserved

17.Hydrogen Consumption Minimization for Fuel Cell Trains Based on Speed Trajectory Optimization

Author:Huang, Zheng ; Wu, Chaoxian ; Lu, Shaofeng ; Xue, Fei

Source:Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering,2020,Vol.638

Abstract:To make rail transport much greener, the fuel cell system has been applied in some train vehicles. The paper is aimed at establishing an integrated mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) model to optimize operations of the trains with the fuel cell system. Train motion analysis and physical constraints setup are given to illustrate the model. The main power-efficiency characteristic of the fuel cell system is also modeled in the research. The optimal train speed trajectory is obtained by applying the proposed approach, where the hydrogen consumption of the fuel cell is minimized. To prove the robustness of the model, the power profiles of scenarios with normal and extreme power-efficiency characteristics are compared, and the results show influences of these characteristics on the train operations. © Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2020.

18.Knowledge Discovery and Recommendation With Linear Mixed Model

Author:Chen, ZY;Zhu, SX;Niu, Q;Zuo, TY

Source:IEEE ACCESS,2020,Vol.8

Abstract:We give a concise tutorial on knowledge discovery with linear mixed model in movie recommendation. The versatility of mixed effects model is well explained. Commonly used methods for parameter estimation, confidence interval estimate and evaluation criteria for model selection are briefly reviewed. Mixed effects models produce sound inference based on a series of rigorous analysis. In particular, we analyze millions of movie rating data with LME4 R package and find solid evidences for a general social behavior: the young tend to be more censorious than senior people when evaluating the same object. Such a social behavior phenomenon can be used in recommender systems and business data analysis.

19.Wearable Belt Antenna for Body Communication Networks

Author:Pei, R;Leach, M;Lim, EG;Wang, Z;Wang, JC;Wang, YC;Jiang, ZZ;Huang, Y


Abstract:This letter presents a dual-band wearable belt antenna design offering stable performance for both on and off body scenarios. The proposed antenna is composed of a metal buckle and a lossy leather substrate. A layer of conductive fiber is attached to the leather to provide isolation between the human body and the radiating element. A novel snap-on button structure is used as the antenna feed. The antenna can achieve an on body realized gain of 5.10 dBi at 2.45 GHz, 4.05 dBi at 5.2 GHz, and 3.31 dBi at 5.8 GHz. A specific absorption rate of 0.87 W/kg is achieved. The on/off body radiation efficiency of the antenna is measured in a reverberation chamber. The antenna can operate in both on- and off-body communication. The proposed belt antenna is a low-cost and reliable solution for smart on-body applications.

20.The truth is in the detail: predators attack aposematic prey with less aggression than other prey types

Author:Yamazaki, Y;Pagani-Nunez, E;Sota, T;Barnett, CRA


Abstract:Aposematic organisms are often unprofitable to predators (e.g. because of defensive chemicals) which they advertise with a conspicuous signal (e.g. bright and conspicuous colour signals). Aposematism is thought to reduce predation of prey because the colour signal increases the ability of predators to learn, recognize and remember the prey's defensive properties. The efficacy of aposematism has been extensively documented in laboratory studies, although its benefits seem to be harder to demonstrate in the field. In this study, we compared the levels of partial and overall predation among four prey types (undefended and cryptic, undefended and warning coloured, defended and cryptic, and aposematic prey). Overall, predation of warning coloured and defended (aposematic) prey was lower than the predation for cryptic and undefended prey; however, it was the same as predation of cryptic and defended prey. Moreover, aposematic prey had higher levels of partial predation (where prey was not wholly consumed by the predator) and lower attack intensities. This suggests that prey were being taste sampled, but also might be better able to survive attacks. Therefore, the benefits of aposematism may lie not only in reducing outright predation, but also in altering a predator's post-attack behaviour, thus leading to greater escape opportunities and post-attack survival of prey. These results reinforce the importance of examining predation in more detail rather than simply examining attack rates.
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