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1.A Method for Rapid Measurement of Intracellular Lipid Accumulation

Author:Xiong Yiwei;Zhang Junlong;Yang Tian;Zhang Bailing;Jiang Lin


Abstract:Objective: To propose a fast and reliable method for the determination of intracellular lipid accumulation. Method: Lipid accumulation in HepG2 cells were induced by oleic acid. Lipid droplets were stained with BODIPY 493/503 and measured with fluorescent image processing using Matlab or ImageJ. The images results were compared to those of Adipophilin,a widely served marker for lipid accumulation,which were determined from protein and mRNA levels by Western blotting and qPCR. Result: By processing fluorescent images using BODIPY 493/503 staining for lipid droplets and comparing data outputs with Matlab and ImageJ, a method using Matlab as image processing platform was established for the determination of intracellular lipid accumulation ; a 1. 41 - fold increase in oleic acid - induced lipid accumulation was detected by fluorescent image processing, which were in accordance with the markedly enhancement in Adipophilin protein levels (2. 07 - fold) and mRNA levels (1. 53 - fold). Conclusion: The method combining fluorescent staining and image processing shall help analyze the intracellular lipid accumulation both rapidly and accurately.

2.Energy dissipation characteristics of steel coupling beams with corrugated webs

Author:Hajsadeghi, M;Zirakian, T;Keyhani, A;Naderi, R;Shahmohammadi, A


Abstract:Steel coupling beams are considered as an efficient alternative to reinforced concrete coupling beams in coupled shear wall systems. The application of corrugated webs as an alternative to flat webs with stiffeners in steel coupling beams has been lately proposed and its effective role in improving the ultimate rotation capacity of such beams has been demonstrated in published studies. However, the energy absorption characteristics of corrugated-web steel coupling beams have not been investigated. In this paper, the energy dissipation characteristics as well as cyclic performance of steel coupling beams with flat and corrugated webs are investigated through detailed numerical simulations. To this end and following the validation of the numerical simulation, numerous finite element models have been developed based on several key parameters including the flat, trapezoidal, curved, and zigzag web-plate corrugation forms, web thickness, number of corrugation half-waves, and corrugation angle. In addition to the advantages of application of corrugated webs in eliminating the web stiffeners and improving the ultimate rotation capacity in steel coupling beams, results and findings of this study demonstrate that corrugated-web steel coupling beams possess appropriate energy absorption characteristics and are capable of dissipating the input energy in a quite desirable and efficient manner. Moreover, it is shown that the energy dissipation capabilities of such coupling beams can be effectively improved via efficient design and proper adjustment of corrugation parameters. (C) 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

3.The design and simulation of p-type Si/SiGe Terahertz quantum cascade lasers

Author:Chen, QY;Wu, JJ;Fang, Z;Zhao, CZ


Abstract:To prolong upper state lifetime in p-type Si/Si1-xGex Terahertz quantum cascade lasers, a new active region is designed in this work. Using 6 x 6 k . p theory, the eigenvalues and wavefunctions of heavy holes and light holes are firstly calculated in a single SiGe quantum well. The design in the active region of this THz Si/Si1-xGex quantum cascade lasers is then investigated. This work presents a SiGe quantum cascade laser with about 6.84 THz emission in the diagonal transition. The calculations show that about 32 ps of the upper state lifetime and about 9 cm(-1) of optical gain are obtained, which are enhanced when compared to previous designs. (C) 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

4.FMCW Rail-mounted SAR: porting spotlight SAR imaging from MATLAB to FPGA

Author:Melnikov, A;Le Kernec, J;Gray, D


Abstract:In this work, a low-cost laptop-based radar platform derived from the MIT open courseware has been implemented. It can perform ranging, Doppler measurement and SAR imaging using MATLAB as the processor. In this work, porting the signal processing algorithms onto a FPGA platform will be addressed as well as differences between results obtained using MAT LAB and those obtained using the FPGA platform. The target FPGA platforms were a Virtex6 DSP kit and Spartan3A starter kit, the latter was also low-cost to further reduce the cost for students to access radar technology.



Source:Electronics World,2014,Vol.


6.Contorted leadership in Chinese hierarchically oriented context How social governance influences organizational leaders

Author:Zhang, L;Zhang, XJ


Abstract:Purpose - The aim of this research is to explore the behavioral model of Chinese organizational leaders acquiring resources for the development of their organizations under the influence of hierarchically oriented social governance. Design/methodology/approach - The paper compares the differences between Western and Chinese contexts and conducts a grounded multi-case study to explore leadership behavioral model in the Chinese context. Findings - First, the Chinese social governance structure is hierarchically oriented, whereas the Western social governance structure is market oriented. Second, this unique inconformity found in the Chinese organizational leaders as contorted leadership, which refers to the inconsistency between leaders' cognition and their behavior when acquiring resources for the development of their organizations, is defined. Third, the conflict between leaders' cognition and behaviors is caused by the social governance mechanism within which leaders are embedded. Research limitations/implications - The authors have just made a first step to understand contorted leadership in the Chinese context, further researches should pay more attention to exploring the origins, functions and impacts of leaders' contorted behaviors. Originality/value - First, leadership is linked with social governance by emphasizing on the core role of social governance in allocating the resources which organizational leaders scramble for. Second, a new kind of leadership -contorted leadership - in the Chinese context that emphasizes on the contradiction between leaders' cognition and behavior, which deepens the understanding of leadership contextualization, is identified.

7.Light attenuation - a more effective basis for the management of fine suspended sediment than mass concentration?

Author:Davies-Colley, RJ;Ballantine, DJ;Elliott, SH;Swales, A;Hughes, AO;Gall, MP


Abstract:Fine sediment continues to be a major diffuse pollution concern with its multiple effects on aquatic ecosystems. Mass concentrations (and loads) of fine sediment are usually measured and modelled, apparently with the assumption that environmental effects of sediment are predictable from mass concentrations. However, some severe impacts of fine sediment may not correlate well with mass concentration, notably those related to light attenuation by suspended particles. Light attenuation per unit mass concentration of suspended particulate matter in waters varies widely with particle size, shape and composition. Data for suspended sediment concentration, turbidity and visual clarity (which is inversely proportional to light beam attenuation) from 77 diverse New Zealand rivers provide valuable insights into the mutual relationships of these quantities. Our analysis of these relationships, both across multiple rivers and within individual rivers, supports the proposition that light attenuation by fine sediment is a more generally meaningful basis for environmental management than sediment mass. Furthermore, optical measurements are considerably more practical, being much cheaper (by about four-fold) to measure than mass concentrations, and amenable to continuous measurement. Mass concentration can be estimated with sufficient precision for many purposes from optical surrogates locally calibrated for particular rivers.

8.Emerging research on swarm intelligence and algorithm optimization

Author:Shi, Yuhui

Source:Emerging Research on Swarm Intelligence and Algorithm Optimization,2014,Vol.

Abstract:Throughout time, scientists have looked to nature in order to understand and model solutions for complex real-world problems. In particular, the study of self-organizing entities, such as social insect populations, presents a new opportunity within the field of artificial intelligence. Emerging Research on Swarm Intelligence and Algorithm Optimization discusses current research analyzing how the collective behavior of decentralized systems in the natural world can be applied to intelligent system design. Discussing the application of swarm principles, optimization techniques, and key algorithms being used in the field, this publication serves as an essential reference for academicians, upper-level students, IT developers, and IT theorists. © 2015 by IGI Global. All rights reserved.

9.Three New Cu(Ⅱ) Supramolecular Isomers: One-pot Synthesis and Crystal Structures



Abstract:  Three Cu(Ⅱ)supramolecular isomers with different colors,{[Cu(L)(phen)]·xH2O·yDMF} n(x=0.5,y=0 for 1; x=0.25,y=0 for 2; x=y=0.5 for 3),were obtained from CuCl 2,phen and one V-shaped dicarboxylic acid(H 2 L)ligand in one-pot.1 belongs to monoclinic system with C2/c space group; 2 belongs to orthorhombic system,Pbca space group; 3 belongs to monoclinic system,P2(1)/c space group.The coordination modes of Cu(Ⅱ)in 3 compounds are different,octahedron for 1,square-plan for 2 and distorted square-plan for 3.The three compounds are all 1D chain structures,zigzag chains,helical chains and z-type chains for 1,2 and 3 respectively.The study of thermal stability and coordination energy comparison about the 3 isomers is in progress.

10.Binding architecture: Drawing in the book


Source:Architecture and Culture,2014,Vol.2

Abstract:Architectural space is usually documented in the form of orthographic projections. These render space in a particular way and hence have limitations and specificity. The artist’s book - that is, a book made as an original work of art, with an artist or architect as author - offers a different mode of presenting documentation and reading representation. This essay explores the relationship between the paper, page and drawing - and the associated elements of a book’s sequence, structure and objecthood - to demonstrate the repercussions for architectural drawing. In doing so, it provides a material presence of architectural representation and offers the book as a site for documentating alternative operations of architecture. Through the writing of Marco Frascari, Catherine Ingraham and Stan Allen, and examples of work by Olafur Eliasson, Jonathan Safran Foer and others, the book is seen to be the site of architectural innovation, opening new territories for practice.

11.Driving Posture Recognition by a Hierarchal Classification System with Multiple Features

Author:Yan, C;Zhang, BL;Coenen, F


Abstract:This paper presents a novel system for vision-based driving posture recognition. The driving posture dataset was prepared by a side-mounted camera looking at a driver's left profile. After pre-processing for illumination variations, eight action classes of constitutive components of the driving activities were segmented, including normal driving, operating a cell phone, eating and smoking. A global grid-based representation for the action sequence was emphasized, which featured two consecutive steps. Step 1 generates a motion descriptive shape based on a motion frequency image(MFI), and step 2 applies the pyramid histogram of oriented gradients (PHOG) for more discriminating characterization. A three level hierarchal classification system is designed to overcome the difficulties of some overlapping classes. Four commonly applied classifiers, including k-nearest neighbor(KNN), random forest (RF), support vector machine(SVM) and multiple layer perceptron (MLP), are evaluated in each level. The overall classification accuracy is over 87.2%% for the eight classes of driving actions by the proposed classification system.

12.Wordsworth's Revisitings

Author:Duggett, T




Source:World Education Information,2014,Vol.27


14.Emerging Issues


Source:SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology,2014,Vol.

Abstract:This brief started by looking at the changing context for national and international healthcare systems, before reviewing the healthcare premises information, guidance and tools that underlie the approach in which sustainability is to be seen as integrated with evidence-based design rather than as divorced and separate themes. However, to understand the role these aspects play, it is also essential to consider both the historical context and, in particular, the organisational structures of the different healthcare systems whether these are national or international. This chapter discusses emerging issues from the approach that adopts design for sustainability integrated with evidence-based design. The aim is to help decision-making within the area of healthcare premises, planning and design whether this is nationally or globally. The crucial emerging issues start with the problem of definitions of ‘Evidence’ and ‘Sustainability’ but include the debates surrounding several themes: Centralisation versus Decentralisation, the nature of Public versus Private Sector Involvement, National versus International Standards to Prescription versus Performance Standards. Addressing these issues has an important bearing on the development of design for sustainability and evidence-based design as science.

15.Leadership Studies in Hexie Management Theory: A Review and Research Agenda

Author:LI Pengfei;GE Jing;XI Youmin

Source:Chinese Journal of Management,2014,Vol.11

Abstract:After the systemic review of leadership studies in Hexie Management Theory, we discuss the relation among researches of strategy, organization and leadership from the perspective of Hexie Management Theory. although from different aspects and based on different basic issues, they all employ multiple perspectives of evolution, contextualization, interaction, and holistic to explore the ternary relation among environment, organization and leader. We also argue that leadership research, which connects the studies of strategy and organization, occupies the central position in the future development of Hexie Management Theory. Finally, we discuss three core issues that contribute to the future research of leadership in Hexie Management Theory.

16.Comparing inter-migration within the European Union and China: An initial exploration

Author:Cheng, JQ;Young, C;Zhang, XN;Owusu, K


Abstract:Labour mobility has been extensively studied in China and the European Union (EU). However, there has been very little attempt to compare internal migration in the EU and China. This article provides an account of an initial exploratory quantitative comparison of EU and Chinese internal migration. The article first makes the case for comparing the EU and China in the context of the growing literature on international comparisons of migration. Problems of data and definition are then explored, and a review of the literature undertaken to identify which determinants could be used as the basis of comparative study. Mobility patterns are measured by comparing selected indicators including inequality, dispersion and effectiveness. The migration process is then measured in terms of the elasticities of internal migration responses to various contributing factors, among which spatial adjacency, distance, economic prospects, labour market, migrant networks, and immigration policy are filtered out and employed for the study. Gross migration flow models are calibrated to produce initial comparative results, using fixed-effect negative binomial regression methods and a variety of sources of data. The conclusion discusses how this initial exploration has helped identify some potential research directions for future work.

17.Effects of Fe doping on the strain and optical properties of GaN epilayers grown on sapphire substrates

Author:Zheng, CC;Ning, JQ;Wu, ZP;Wang, JF;Zhao, DG;Xu, K;Gao, J;Xu, SJ

Source:RSC ADVANCES,2014,Vol.4

Abstract:The effects of Fe doping on a series of Fe-doped GaN epilayers with different doping concentrations grown on sapphire substrates were investigated in detail by confocal micro-Raman spectroscopy under the back-scattering geometric configuration. Careful investigation of the E-2(high) and A(1)(LO) modes of the Fe- and Si-doped epilayers as well as the intentionally undoped free-standing GaN reveals that the compressive residual strain in the Fe-doped GaN epilayers tends to relax as the Fe concentration increases. This finding is further supported by X-ray diffraction measurements. The relaxation of compressive residual strain is most likely due to compensation by the tensile strain induced by incorporation of iron atoms in the GaN epilayers. The influence of Fe doping on the background electron concentration was also discussed by analyzing the upper branch of the A(1)(LO)-plasmon coupled mode.

18.Low-dimensional representations of matrix groups and group actions on CAT(0) spaces and manifolds

Author:Ye, SK

Source:JOURNAL OF ALGEBRA,2014,Vol.409

Abstract:We study low-dimensional representations (rigidity problem) of matrix groups over general rings, by considering group actions on CAT(0) spaces, spheres and acyclic manifolds. (C) 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

19.One-class kernel subspace ensemble for medical image classification

Author:Zhang, YG;Zhang, BL;Coenen, F;Xiao, JM;Lu, WJ


Abstract:Classification of medical images is an important issue in computer-assisted diagnosis. In this paper, a classification scheme based on a one-class kernel principle component analysis (KPCA) model ensemble has been proposed for the classification of medical images. The ensemble consists of one-class KPCA models trained using different image features from each image class, and a proposed product combining rule was used for combining the KPCA models to produce classification confidence scores for assigning an image to each class. The effectiveness of the proposed classification scheme was verified using a breast cancer biopsy image dataset and a 3D optical coherence tomography (OCT) retinal image set. The combination of different image features exploits the complementary strengths of these different feature extractors. The proposed classification scheme obtained promising results on the two medical image sets. The proposed method was also evaluated on the UCI breast cancer dataset (diagnostic), and a competitive result was obtained.

20.Towards an experimental analysis of android phone: GSM network positioning

Author:Man,Ka Lok;Man,Ka Lok;Wang,Wei;Liu,Dawei;Tayahi,Moncef;Hsu,Hui Huang;Lim,Eng Gee

Source:International Journal of Applied Engineering Research,2014,Vol.9

Abstract:Network positioning technology has been widely used in existing smart phones. Traditional network positioning methods are carried out by the network provider; this could violate user's privacy.In this paper we present a work in progress on the positioning of smart phone users using wireless networks. We propose a self-positioning scheme based on the fingerprint method, a positioning method commonly used in indoor environments in previous studies. We outline the proposed self-positioning scheme and propose a k-nearest neighbor method to improve the positioning accuracy. In future, we will evaluate the proposed scheme and method in field experiments.
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