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1.Application of Hough Transform Feature Extraction to Reduce Angular Vibration in Images Captured from Moving Objects

Author:Afolabi, D;Man, KL;Liang, HN;Zhang, N;Lim, EG;Wan, KY


Abstract:This paper details an ongoing research aimed at developing computational approach to reducing/eliminating vibration and light glare in images captured by digital cameras especially when the scene contains moving objects or the camera is mounted on a moving vehicle / flying drone. The algorithms developed are focused at real-time image acquisition where the enhanced/corrected images are need almost immediately after they are captured. The results show that these methods of reducing the stated problems are effective and it can be further developed for various applications.

2.Impact of Parasitic Elements on RF Performance of Nanometre-Scale MOSFET Structures

Author:Lam, S


Abstract:A recently reported nanometre-scaled MOSFET structure with regrown source and drain is examined. The parasitic circuit elements are identified and quantitatively determined to estimate their impact on the transistor's RF performance. Due to the relatively large lateral parasitic capacitances from the gate electrode to the regrown source and drain regions, the current gain cut-off frequency f(T) of such a transistor is optimistically estimated to be 184 GHz which is not impressive for nanoelectronic devices with an effective gate length of 30 nm. However, with the significantly reduced parasitic series resistances due to the regrown source and drain structures together with the use of the metal gate, the maximum frequency of oscillation f(max) can attain to 820 GHz. This brings about an implication that device structure optimization to reduce the parasitic resistances has a dominant beneficial effect on the RF performance over the negative impact caused by the increased parasitic capacitances.



Source:Manager' Journal,2013,Vol.


4.Valuation Bounds on Barrier Options Under Model Uncertainty

Author:Hong, Y


Abstract:This article investigates valuation bounds on barrier options under model uncertainty. This investigation enriches the literature on the model-free valuation of these exotic options. It is found that with weak assumptions on underlying price processes, tight valuation bounds on barrier options can be sought from a set of European options. As a result, the numerical routine developed in this article can be reviewed as a new method for the evaluation of barrier options, which is independent of model assumptions. (c) 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Jrl Fut Mark 33:199234, 2013

5.Less is Enough

Author:Williams, A



Author:Andersson, J;Mikayelyan, H


Abstract:We will prove a partial regularity result for the zero level set of weak solutions to div(B del u) = 0, where B = B(u) = I + (A - I)chi({u<0}), where I is the identity matrix and the eigenvalues of A are strictly positive and bounded. We will apply this to describe the regularity of solutions to the Bellman equations.

7.Macroinvertebrate drift-benthos trends in a regulated river

Author:Tonkin, JD;Death, RG


Abstract:Downstream drift plays a fundamental role in the spatial distribution and community structure of lotic macroinvertebrates. We sampled both benthic and drifting macroinvertebrates at 15 sites, in three sections of river with varying flow alteration along the Tongariro River, New Zealand. Our objectives were to examine whether (i) benthic and drift density were linearly related throughout the river, (ii) the presence of dams affected the propensity of macroinvertebrates to drift, and (iii) drift propensity was related to benthic periphyton biomass or natural longitudinal patterns down the river. More taxa were collected from the drift than the benthos, although drift and benthic samples were generally taxonomically similar, despite some structural differences. Nonetheless, differences were evident between the major groups when assessing density and relative abundance links between the benthos and drift. The presence of dams did not affect the propensity of macroinvertebrates to drift on the whole, nor was propensity affected by periphyton biomass or distance from source. These results suggest that although altered periphyton biomass in downstream sections in the Tongariro River is altering the composition of benthic and drifting macroinvertebrates, drift propensity is unaffected. However, some deviations from linear relationships between benthic and drift density are evident suggesting these links may be taxon specific.



Source:Manager' Journal,2013,Vol.


9.Some notes on the incompleteness theorem and shape grammars

Author:Theodoros, Dounas

Source:Communications in Computer and Information Science,2013,Vol.369 CCIS

Abstract:The paper presents a critique of the Shape Grammar paradigm viewed through the lens of the incompleteness theorem of Go¨del. Shape Grammars have been extensively researched through many lenses. Their productive systemic nature was the focus of the first papers along with more recent treatises in the field while their use in analysis of known building styles has been extensive and a proven mechanism for style analysis. It is surprising though that use of Shape Grammars in actual design in practice however has been minimal. The architectural community has not actively used the paradigm in the design of real buildings, probably because of the rigid analytical approach to style and rules, following from the academic analysis that the paradigm has been subjected to. However I propose that there is another underlying reason, other than the rigid approach to construct a Shape Grammar. The nature of the concurrent application and creation of the rules lies close to the incompleteness theorem of Go¨del, that uses a multitude of Turing Machines to prove that a from a set of True Axioms-A-we will never be able to determine if all sentences are true, without having to invent new axioms, outside the initial set-A-, thus unproven in terms of their true or false nature. Negation of this possibility drives us to the conclusion that true Design can never be feature-complete and thus can never be placed in a trusted framework that we all agree or believe it to be the complete truth. © 2013 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

10.Segregated Lightweight Dynamic Rate (SLDR) control scheme for efficient internet communications

Author:Ting,T. O.;Ting,H. C.;Lee,Sanghyuk

Source:Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering,2013,Vol.235 LNEE

Abstract:This paper proposes an effective Segregated Lightweight Dynamic Rate Control Scheme (SLDRCS) over the internet. Based on the feedback analysis of the current approaches, we found that the indicator of the congestion is only the queue length. It only captures a partial indicator of delay and loss in feedback mechanism. This may result in an ineffective way in controlling the network when congestion control occurs. Therefore, we suggest multiple congestion indicators to adapt inside this scheme to fully control the average delay and loss from bidirectional of sender to receiver. The behavior of next event packet being control using discrete event simulation tool with First Come First Serve (FCFS) scheduling policy and we code this algorithm into C programming language. Through the simulation results, our Segregated Lightweight Dynamic Rate Control Scheme (SLDRCS) guaranteed high improvement in packet drop and average delay under various congestion level and traffic load conditions compare with the current approach. © 2013 Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.

11.Dielectric relaxation of high-k oxides

Author:Zhao, C;Zhao, CZ;Werner, M;Taylor, S;Chalker, P


Abstract:Frequency dispersion of high-k dielectrics was observed and classified into two parts: extrinsic cause and intrinsic cause. Frequency dependence of dielectric constant (dielectric relaxation), that is the intrinsic frequency dispersion, could not be characterized before considering the effects of extrinsic frequency dispersion. Several mathematical models were discussed to describe the dielectric relaxation of high-k dielectrics. For the physical mechanism, dielectric relaxation was found to be related to the degree of polarization, which depended on the structure of the high-k material. It was attributed to the enhancement of the correlations among polar nanodomain. The effect of grain size for the high-k materials' structure mainly originated from higher surface stress in smaller grain due to its higher concentration of grain boundary.

12.The Design of Bus Accessing Timing to NAND Flash Array for High Bandwidth

Author:Cheng, LX;Yang, Y;Liu, YY;Seon, JK;Man, KL


Abstract:To improve the reading and writing speed of NAND flash array with multi-channel and multi-way, and to obtain the highest available bandwidth, an approach is presented in this paper. One mechanism of high efficiency bus accessing timing scheme based on interleaving is introduced into the approach. In pursuance of this timing, flash controllers are able to make every plane in the flash array to be active in parallel. Therefore the transmission ability to and from the bus can be greatly improved. Utilizing this approach, the accessing efficiency to the NAND flash array will be pushed to a very high level. According to the testing results, as opposed to normal flash bus timing scheme, the data reading efficiency can be increased by 68.5%%, and the data writing efficiency can be increased by 457%%, with the flash bus timing scheme presented in this paper being used. The conclusion can be drawn that the flash bus timing scheme presented in this paper is effective, and the reading and writing at very high speed to the NAND flash array can be realized.

13.Chebyshev tau meshless method based on the highest derivative for fourth order equations

Author:Shao, WT;Wu, XH


Abstract:It is well known that the numerical integration process is much less sensitive than numerical differential process when dealing with the differential equations. After integration, accuracy is no longer limited by that of the slowly convergent series for the highest derivative, but only by that of the unknown function itself. In this paper, a Chebyshev tau meshless method based on the highest derivative (CTMMHD) is developed for fourth order equations on irregularly shaped domains with complex boundary conditions. The problem domain is embedded in a domain of regular shape. The integration and multiplication of Chebyshev expansions are given in matrix representations. Several numerical experiments including standard biharmonic problems, problems with variable coefficients and nonlinear problems are implemented to verify the high accuracy and efficiency of our method. (C) 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.




Abstract:  作为早期研究中国传统建筑的欧洲学者之一,德国建筑师恩斯特·鲍希曼(Ernst Boerschmann,1873~1949,又译柏石曼)于1902~1930年三次来到中国,对于中国传统建筑进行考察活动,调查范围遍及十四个省,拍下数千张反映古代皇家建筑、宗教建筑和代表各地风情的民居等内容的中国传统建筑及景观照片,并对包括普陀山宗教建筑在内的大量传统建筑进行了测绘工作。其中,在第二次考察(1906~1909年)过程中,他在宁波及普陀山进行考察,其对象包括天童寺及普陀山宗教建筑等。返回德国之后。他将考察所获得的资料整理,连续出版了6部论述中国传统建筑的专著,成为这一时期欧洲对于中国传统建筑领域研究的权威。本文在全面介绍鲍希曼对于中国传统建筑考察活动的基础上,以其在宁波及普陀山地区开展的调研工作为对象,深入分析其德文著作《中国的建筑和宗教文化之一:普陀山》所载内容,研究其作为一个西方建筑师对于中国传统建筑的研究方法及研究特点,并对其工作中尝试建立的中国传统建筑类型学档案的研究方法在近代对于中国风格建筑产生的影响进行分析,并对这一方法及其成果对今天传统建筑保护工作带来可能的影响展开探讨。



Source:Management Observer,2013,Vol.


16.Generative column and beam layout for reinforced concrete structures in China

Author:Herr,Christiane M.;Fischer,Thomas

Source:Communications in Computer and Information Science,2013,Vol.369 CCIS

Abstract:This paper outlines generative strategies for the design of structural layout patterns of columns and beams in reinforced concrete structures based on contemporary local construction practice in China. Following an introduction to constraints and opportunities of this new potential context for generative design application, possible generative strategies are proposed and discussed, with a view to their viability within the local context. The proposed strategies are illustrated in terms of geometry, generative sequence and plausibility of construction and discussed in terms of visual and overall structural merit. © 2013 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

17.Strategic Leadership Based on HeXie Management Theory

Author:LI Pengfei;XI Youmin;HAN Wei

Source:Chinese Journal of Management,2013,Vol.10

Abstract:On the review of the strategic leadership, the paper clarifies three noticeable drawbacks of the extant researches., the confused definitions of the strategic leadership lacking of being system atic and dynamic and irrelevance of academic researches and management practices. Based on the inter pretations of leadership by the HeXie Management Theory, we propose the definition of strategic leadership, which emphasizes the coupling of the "providing guidance" and " allocating resources", lo- cates on the organizational level, emphasizes the long-term sustainable development of the organiza tion and deploys current resources based on the future orientation. Finally, it argues that the intro duction of the HeXie Management Theory can offset the drawbacks of the extant researches to some extent and accelerates the development of the strategic leadership research.

18.Plant phenotypic functional composition effects on soil processes in a semiarid grassland

Author:Medina-Roldan, E;Huber-Sannwald, E;Arredondo, JT


Abstract:Our knowledge of plant functional group effects on ecosystem processes is relatively well established, but we know much less on how changes in plant phenotypic composition affect ecosystem functioning (i.e., phenotypic functional composition). Understanding phenotypic functional composition (PFC) is relevant in plant communities strongly dominated by a few keystone species, since alteration of phenotypic composition of these species might be a mechanisms by which land management practices such as grazing impact on ecosystem functioning. Here, we report results from a field experiment where we manipulated PFC of Bouteloua gracilis (Kunth) Lag. ex Griffiths, a keystone species in the semiarid shortgrass steppe. B. gracilis' PFC was altered by using plant genetic lines which expressed consistently either high or low leaf tissue lignin content (LC), a plant trait known to affect soil biogeochemical processes. High-LC lines came from an area subjected to low grazing intensities, whereas low-LC lines came from an area historically overgrazed. Additionally, those plant genetic lines expressing high LC also expressed high dry matter content and vice versa. We established experimental plots with High (only high-LC plants), Low (only low-LC plants), and mixed (both high- and low- LC plants, BHL) LC genetic lines; and measured selected soil processes after the application of a small water pulse. We hypothesised that those soil processes related to microbial activity and nitrogen cycling would be higher in Low plots in comparison with High and BHL plots. Phenotypic functional composition did not affect most of our soil processes including ammonium and nitrate concentrations (inorganic N), microbial activity, potential ammonium mineralization, and microbial profiles of substrate utilization). Nonetheless, we observed a general response to the water pulse so that soil inorganic N increased, but soil water content and soil microbial activity decreased 48 h after the pulse application. This general response suggests that fractions of the soil microbial community with different soil moisture optima mineralise N-rich substrates. Overall, lack of response to plant phenotypic functional composition suggests that grazing effects on soil biogeochemical processes in the shortgrass steppe are not directly mediated through how grazing affects the phenotypic functional composition of B. gracilis. (c) 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

19.Electrical Properties of N-type CdS and P-type CdTe Thin Films in CdS/CdTe Solar Cells

Author:Wu, JJ;Ang, F;Zhao, CZ;Smith, JS


Abstract:Cadmium Sulfide thin films have been deposited on cleaned glass substrates in vacuum at various deposition conditions. The Cadmium Telluride powder was coaled on copper foil by three methods respectively. Then, the samples were sintered at high temperature in a furnace. The effects of the deposition conditions on the thin film properties were investigated by measuring electrical resistivity and conduction type. By investigating the electrical properties of the thin films, we find that the thin film transparency strongly depends on the Cadmium dopant concentration rather than the thickness. On the other hand, the CdTe/Cu sintered film shows a strong p-type property and has an extremely small resistivity. Pinholes and cracks of the thin films were also discussed.

20.Investigation of Neural Networks for Function Approximation

Author:Yang, SB;Ting, TO;Man, KL;Guan, SU


Abstract:In this work, some ubiquitous neural networks are applied to model the landscape of a known problem function approximation. The performance of the various neural networks is analyzed and validated via some well-known benchmark problems as target functions, such as Sphere, Rastrigin, and Griewank functions. The experimental results show that among the three neural networks tested, Radial Basis Function (RBF) neural network is superior in terms of speed and accuracy for function approximation in comparison with Back Propagation (BP) and Generalized Regression Neural Network (GRNN). (C) 2013 The Authors, Published by Elsevier B.V.
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