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1.Image denoising and enhancement based on adaptive wavelet thresholding and mathematical morphology

Author:Zhang, Yungang ; Zhang, Bailing ; Lu, Wenjin

Source:Proceedings - 2010 3rd International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, CISP 2010,2010,Vol.2

Abstract:Wavelet thresholding is an effective way of image denoising and enhancement. The most important issue in wavelet thresholding is how to find an optimal threshold. In this paper, an adaptive threshold selection technique is proposed and morphological operations to improve the denoised result are discussed. An image denoising and enhancement scheme based on the adaptive wavelet shrinkage and mathematical morphology is described. Compared with some existing denoising methods such as VisuShrinkage, BayesShrinkage, the experimental result shows the proposed method outperforms these techniques in terms of PSNR (Peak Signal to Noise Ratio) and MSE (Mean Square Error). ©2010 IEEE.





3.Extremes of standard multifractional Brownian motion

Author:Bai, L


Abstract:Let SMBH(t), t is an element of (0, infinity) be a standard multifractional Brownian motion(smBm), where H(t) is an element of (0,1) is a function of t. In this paper we derive the exact asymptotics of P{sup(t is an element of[T1, T2)(]) SMBH(t) > u}, u -> infinity for constants T-1, T-2 >= 0 and several forms of H(t). (C) 2020 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

4.Expanding the scope for research on global English-language advertising

Author:Li, SQ

Source:WORLD ENGLISHES,2019,Vol.38

Abstract:Language contact phenomena of English use in global advertising are usually analysed within the framework of world Englishes or linguistic hybridity for an examination of language contact and change, borrowing, hybridization, bilingual creativity, language attitudes, functions, and others. The insights of postcolonial performativity, however, suggest reconsidering the theoretical grounding for studying English use at the transnational level in diverse genres of different sociolinguistic communities around the world. This article posits a new direction for studying the use of English in global advertising. The high level of variation and complexity observable in many aspects of English use is assumed to be germane to, and constantly mediated through language ideologies that are often diverse, complex, unstable and even conflicting.

5.Subaltern Females and Sexual Discourses in Three Contemporary Chinese Female-Authored Fictions

Author:LIU Xi

Source:Journal of Shanxi Normal University (Social Science Edition),2017,Vol.44


6.Layered RDF: An object-oriented approach to web information representation

Author:Vølstad,Torunn;Liu,Fei;Guan,Sheng Uei

Source:Web Intelligence and Agent Systems,2009,Vol.7

Abstract:Based on XML, RDF(S) has been recommended as the basic layer of the Semantic Web, providing a foundation for the higher layers of ontology, logic and trust. Although RDF(S) enables specification and identification of data and relationships between data, it has some limitations as a foundational language of the Semantic Web. Firstly, the unconstrained framework of the RDF Schema makes it hard to share information from different sources. Furthermore, RDF(S) has limited expres-siveness as a vocabulary description language, which is partly due to insufficient object-oriented features. Finally, the unclear semantics of RDF(S), caused by language constructs with dual roles, impede any approach to provide reasoning support for the language. To overcome some of the limitations, this paper presents Layered RDF, a web information representation language based on RDF(S). Layered RDF distinguishes schema information from instance information by having separated layers. Furthermore, Layered RDF provides more powerful schema mechanisms than does RDF Schema, by incorporating object-oriented features such as inheritance and polymorphism. © 2009 IOS Press and the authors. All rights reserved.

7.Cortical spreading depression and calcitonin gene-related peptide: A brief review of current progress

Author:Wang, MY


Abstract:Although detailed disease mechanisms of migraine remain poorly understood, migraine is known to have a complex pathophysiology with both vascular and neuronal mechanisms. The neuronal mechanisms of migraine may be attributed to cortical spreading depression (CSD); consequently, CSD has been widely studied for understanding the pathophysiology of migraine. Well validated CSD models have been developed for evaluating anti-migraine drugs. Neuropeptides, mainly, calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP), have been proposed as an emerging class of effective drugs against migraine headache. The central role of this neuropeptide has led to research into CSD for understanding disease mechanisms of migraine. This review briefly summarizes our current understanding of CSD and CGRP involvement in CSD. Although CSD can also worsen strokes, this brief paper has excluded the possible connection between the neuropeptide and CSD associated with them. Instead it has focused solely on CGRP in CSD associated with migraine. (C) 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

8.Distributed Data Transmission Architecture for Water Quality Monitoring System Based on 4G Network

Author:YU Ji-wen;JIA Lu;LI Qing;ZHU Xiao-hui

Source:Software Guide,2018,Vol.17




Source:China Sustainability Tribune,2019,Vol.


10.Big Data Applications in Guangzhou Restaurants Analysis

Author:Chang,Victor;Ji,Ziyang;Xu,Qianwen Ariel

Source:Big Data,2021,Vol.9

Abstract:With the development of modern information and communication technologies, such as the internet of things and big data analytics, businesses and users have become more adaptable to rapid changes. Both consumers and merchants have obtained great convenience. Meanwhile, a huge amount of data is generated. However, many businesses lack the ability to process these data, which contain critical business values. Therefore, this article uses data from the Dianping website to show how to use big data analytics techniques to exploit the valuable information from these raw data. First, descriptive analysis is conducted by using kernel density estimation. Then, multilinear regression analysis, Naive Bayes, and J48 are used to predict the level of restaurants. We found that flavor, environment, and service score are essential factors to the restaurant level. Moreover, J48 performs best among the three models with an accuracy of 88.89%%.

11.College students’ perspectives on English-medium instruction and their English learning motivational intensity


Source:English-Medium Instruction in Chinese Universities: Perspectives, Discourse and Evaluation,2017,Vol.

12.Research on River Network Modeling and Visualization Based on Android Platform

Author:JIA Lu;WANG Jie-hua;ZHU Xiao-hui;LIU Wan;YU Ji-wen

Source:Computer Knowledge and Technology,2018,Vol.14


13.Nearly Reversible Threshold Voltage Shifts with Low-Voltage Bias Stress in Solution-Processed In2O3 Thin-Film Transistors

Author:Song, Tao ; Zhao, Tianshi ; Fang, Yuxiao ; Zhao, Chun ; Zhao, Cezhou ; Lam, Sang

Source:2019 Electron Devices Technology and Manufacturing Conference, EDTM 2019,2019,Vol.

Abstract:N-channel thin-film transistors (TFTs) made of solution-processed In2O3 were fabricated and electrical tested for device reliability. While the TFTs give a threshold voltage Vth of 0.6 V for low-voltage operation, experimental results show that Vth shifts over time even when the gate biasing voltage is at 3 V. Vth can increase to about 2 V after about one hour. The change in Vth is nearly reversible if there is a long enough relaxation time. When the gate biasing voltage is -3 V, Vth changes from 0.6 V to -0.6 V and the Vth shift is less reversible. Such phenomena are expected to be due to the interface traps in the solution-processed In2O3. © 2019 IEEE.

14.Decomposing the Europe 2020 Index

Author:Walheer, B


Abstract:Providing a reliable indicator of the progress of the European countries towards the achievement of the Europe 2020 objectives is crucial for policy makers. Recently, a composite index was suggested for this task. In this paper, we propose a decomposition of this composite index by distinguishing between three different components: country-, group-, and objective-specific indexes. The decomposition, while simple and consistent with previous works, allows us to better quantify, measure, and monitor the progress of the European countries towards the achievement of the Europe 2020 objectives. Our findings suggest that significant efforts are still required to reach the Europe 2020 objectives. The decomposition highlights important patterns for the three levels for each country.


Author:Muñoz, Víctor Méndez ; Firouzi, Farshad ; Estrada, Ernesto ; Chang, Victor

Source:COMPLEXIS 2019 - Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Complexity, Future Information Systems and Risk,2019,Vol.

16.The Impact of Big Data Analytics on Customers? Online Behaviour


Source:Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science,2017,Vol.2228

Abstract:Nowadays, huge amounts of data are exchanged and collected in the business world every day. For e-commerce firms, data from different sources (e.g. online transactions, search history and social media) can be analysed and provide insights to business managers. As many e-commerce companies claimed, Big Data Analytics (BDA) is the most efficient way to dig out the insights and to develop specific strategy for the company so far. Therefore, this project aims at exploring the effects of BDA brought on customers’ online behaviour to examine whether the BDA is as successful as firms stated.

17.Implied volatilities of S&P 100 index with applications to financial market


Source:Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics),2013,Vol.7861 LNCS

Abstract:This paper studies the implied volatilities of the S &P 100 from the prices of the American put options written on the same index. The computations are based on a recursive Binomial algorithm with prescribed error tolerance. The results show that the volatility smile exists, thus the classic Black-Scholes's approach of using a constant volatility for pricing options with different trading conditions is not plausible. The method discussed in this work contrasts the likelihood ratio method contained in [6]. Further studies with expanded data set are recommended for comparing the effectiveness of these two methods in forecasting stock market shocks. © 2013 Springer-Verlag.

18.Building energy management based on occupant location

Author:Pazhoohesh, M;Zhang, C


Abstract:Reducing building energy consumption has received growing attention in the recent decades. The primary energy consumption in buildings is related to heating, ventilation, cooling, and lighting systems. A well-design control system may result in a significant reduction of energy usage. This paper presents and implements three strategies to control and analyze energy consumption in buildings. The schedule, real-time monitoring and a multi-agent system are compared with the baseline energy consumption in a university office. Devices and human agents are introduced to investigate the real-time trend in energy usage and to optimize the consumption of energy, based on the location of occupants. Initial results demonstrate potential energy saving of 16%% in the office.





20.Whole-cell bioreporters and risk assessment of environmental pollution: A proof-of-concept study using lead (vol 229, pg 902, 2017)

Author:Zhang, XK;Qin, BQ;Deng, JM;Wells, M


Abstract:The authors regret that we incorrectly identified the wild type in the paper. In the methods, the first sentence of the passage in section 2.1 should read In this research, Escherichia coli strain zntA, which has the capacity to emit a dose-dependent bioluminescence in response to available Pb (Riether et al., 2001), was used for Pb bioavailability evaluation. The subsequent mentions of the wild type Cupriavidus metallidurans should be Escherichia coli. The authors would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused. © 2019 Elsevier Ltd
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