Network Cooperation Mode Driven by Self-Awareness of Roles and Two Types of Institutions:A Grounded Research on A University

Liang Chaogao;Xi Youmin;Zhang Xiaojun;Zhang Jingbo;Xu Siqi

[梁朝高] 西安交通大学管理学院, 西安, 陕西 710049, 中国.
[张敬博] 西安交通大学管理学院, 西安, 陕西 710049, 中国.
[胥思齐] 西安交通大学管理学院, 西安, 陕西 710049, 中国.
[席酉民] 西安交通大学管理学院;;西交利物浦大学, ;;, 西安;;苏州, ;;江苏 710049;;215123,中国.
[张晓军] 西交利物浦大学, 苏州, 江苏 215123, 中国

Science of Science and Management of S.& T.

Volume:40 Issue:6Pages:3-20

Publication Year:2019

Document Type:Journal Article



The persistent problem of administrative tendency in universities is regaining attentions in the context of innovative transformation and 'Double First-class' project.Based on the grounded research on A university,this paper finds that internal network cooperation is a process of multi-directional organizing based on connecting nodes directly,which is triggered by projects,tasks or problems raised by organizational members.Self-awareness of roles,assuring and cultivating institutions are the key drivers facilitating the network cooperation;self-awareness of roles renews these institutions,which in turn reinforce the self-awareness of roles.In addition,the institutions need to be maintained by a participatory governance structure,and the self-awareness of roles need another two drivers,namely mutual understanding and symbiotic development among members.At the end of the paper is a discussion and comparison between the ideal bureaucratic organization and internal network organization.


角色自觉 双型制度 网络化合作 internal network organization 内部网络组织 bureaucracy and network network cooperation self-awareness of roles 科层与网络 two types of institutions

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