Linking Learning Analytics with Instruction Practices: Approach to the Data-enabled Research to Learning Enhancement

LI Boping;LI Yishu



Volume:22 Issue:5Pages:34-45


Publication Year:2016

Document Type:Journal Article



At present,we are witnessing an education revolution caused by open online teaching.A truly competitive era is coming.In this period oftime,under the influence ofcampus without boundary,there will spring up cruel hand-to-hand fight between online education and traditional education,domestic education and foreign education, colleges,and teachers.As a result,it’s possible to say,a winner-take-all situation is predictable.Finally,in a na-tion and even the world,that open course in certain segment ofthe professional with monopoly,which we call “Super Open Online Course (SOOC)”,will emerge.The core value ofopen online education lies in that the SOOCs predomi-nate in various professional segments,are used free or at very low cost,extreme conveniently without limitations on time or space,and provide unmatched experience for learners.The value ofan open online education institution depends on whether it can offer the SOOC or how many SOOCs it prepared to learners.The following years,a crucial period of time for SOOCs preparation,will afford us opportunities but also challenges as well.Although the traditional colleges have a large umber ofteachers,students in reading and education funding,ifthey cannot do the right thing at the right time,they will lose the immediate opportunities and the preponderance ofresources.It’s emergency to make the proposition ofthe new education system dominated by the SOOCs a part ofgovernment’s and colleges’strategy.Once the new education system formed,traditional education will achieve pupate into a butterfly metamorphosis,education will demonstrate the unprecedented power to change the world.


学习分析 教育大数据 SOOC 改进教学实践 traditional education super open online course open online education massive open online course MOOC 案例研究

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