CPE 207: Software engineering

Stankovic,Nenad;Lambacher,Stephen G.

[Stankovic,Nenad] Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University,Suzhou,China [Stankovic,Nenad] Aoyama Gakuin University,Tokyo,Japan [Lambacher,Stephen G.] Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University,Suzhou,China [Lambacher,Stephen G.] Aoyama Gakuin University,Tokyo,Japan

Handbook of Curriculum Development

Publication Year:2010

Document Type:BOOK



This paper describes a new second-year undergraduate project course in software engineering. The course aims to broaden students' experience, knowledge, and skills. The students worked on six one semester projects. We motivate and assess this pedagogy by our pre- and post-findings, and explain the rationale behind it. The outcome revealed that the students had the capability and motivation to engage in solving many complex managerial, organizational, and technical problems with little guidance and supervision. This suggests that they maintained their focus on the system rather than on individual tasks, which facilitated their understanding of the course material and software lifecycle. © 2010 by Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.

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