A Study of Hybrid DEA Model with Negative Data Based on Non-Oriented Measure

Gao, LH;Ma, L;Wei, YY

[Gao Lihao; Ma Lu] Guangxi Univ Sci & Technol, Sch Management, Liuzhou 545006, Peoples R China.
[Wei Yiyi] Xian Jitong Liverpool Univ, Dept Math Sci, Suzhou 215123, Peoples R China.



Publication Year:2015

Document Type:Conference Paper



In this paper, we put forward a hybrid model with negative data (NOM-Hybrid DEA) and its two degenerate forms (NOM-DEA), conducted in-depth study of their mathematical model. Further, it is an empirical test to verify their actual effectiveness. It is not surprising that we have observed some places contrary to the Hybrid DEA theory, and give a reasonable analysis. This paper attempts to relax the conditions, from the semi-oriented to the non-directional, and extend from a single type of variables to the coexist type owing the radial and non-radial parts, when tackling the negative. At the same time, there has been a very important theoretical and economic significance, adopting the SORM idea to handle the negative problem.


NOM- Hybrid DEA SORM CCR DEA SBM DEA Security Companies

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