Public housing in Shanghai: A tool with multiple purposes


[Chang,Ying] Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University,Suzhou,China [Chen,Jie] Shanghai University of Finance and Economics,Shanghai,China

The Future of Public Housing: Ongoing Trends in the East and the West


Publication Year:2013

Document Type:BOOK



Direct state provision of housing remains an important element of housing regime in many countries. This chapter traces recent experience of public housing development in Shanghai. It focuses the roles of two major public housing programmes, namely Relocation Housing and the new PRH (public rental housing) programme, in Shanghai's recent socio-spatial dynamics. It is shown that the public housing programme in Shanghai is mainly a result of deliberate urban development policy in line with other strategies such as city marketing, and gentrification. Thus we suggest that the Shanghai municipality government appropriates the new public housing regime as institutions to buttress local economic competitiveness. Our analysis is augmented with data from a questionnaire survey of PRH tenants in Shanghai. Finally, we identify challenges for the future development of public housing sector in China.


Housing policy Public housing Urban development Shanghai

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